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Consider our Ultra HD Prints mounted behind crystal clear Acrylic Glass~The New Standard of Fine Art Excellence! 


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The Ultimate Fine Art photography Presentation - Acrylic Prints


                                                          Side profile showing the amazing depth of our 1/4" HD mounted prints behind Acrylic glass with standard white backing. Unlike traditional framed/matted prints, acrylic float mount technology collects ambient light and appear to be backlit!




HD Gallery quality prints mounted behind vivid Acrylic glass by Thomas Schoeller

Unsurpassed detail, Vibrant, Luminous, Breathtaking   


This media represents the new standard of excellence for Luxury Fine Art photography.  They are ready to hang the moment your order arrives and provide you with a sleek, stunning modern Art Gallery display. A recessed float mount frame is attached to the reverse side of the print. Using ultra-secure French cleats to safely wall mount/display your new Fine Art print, the rear attached recessed frame neatly spaces the print 1/2" from the wall surface. This is what gives the visual appearance of the art print "floating" slightly from the finished wall.

The print colors are vibrant and the detail and resolution are astounding!  Crystal clear acrylic glass traps light that is reflected off the face mounted print giving the viewer the appearance that the artwork is illuminated from behind. This presentation medium is the pinnacle of Fine Art photography wall displays. You'll never see a wall display that commands more attention, or one that attaches to your interior walls more securely. These are the most impressive finished gallery quality pieces that I offer.

Behind the Scenes Process

The process begins with the artwork being printed on specially designed HD Pearl/Metallic 12 color pigment Giclee' quality fine art paper.  The prints are then flawlessly face mounted from behind using a revolutionary new technology of ultra thin transparency adhesive directly to optically clear and 1/4" thick acrylic glass!  This process takes some time, each select slab of acrylic glass is precision cut with highly polished edges. The recessed float mount framing is then attached to the back side of the print. When ordering, you can choose from 2 unique float-mount backing options.


Standard Float Backing or Upgrade to DiBond for Luxury Sized Prints

Standard Acrylic float mounts

A White Backing material is mounted to the reverse side of the print, and then a recessed float mount frame is attached. The artwork is easily and securely wall mounted using a French cleat hanger. This allows the piece to hang without the need for distracting and expensive external frames, providing a sleek, modern and clean gallery appearance.

This is the most economical Acrylic option. Recessed float mount frames are installed and already included in the price of each print. The standard white backing is the most popular seller. The 1/4" thick acrylic glass is strong & sturdy for print sizes up to 48", and for those larger acrylic prints we do have an attractive option!

recessed float mount frame for Thomas Schoeller's unique acrylic fine art prints

This is a peek at the reverse side of an Acrylic float mount showing the "standard white" backing and recessed frame 

Dibond Backing

This handsome display with black edging is an upgrade option. I recommend Dibond for luxury sized acrylic glass prints of 48" or larger. Dibond is a very strong, rigid aluminum and works well with ANY acrylic print. I've had clients insist on ordering their new Acrylic print with Dibond purely based on aesthetics. The upgrade to Dibond backing adds an extra 1/8" of thickness to the side profile. Aside from the added depth, the most noticeable difference between Dibond and the standard mount option is the black edging to the side profile, and the rear-mounted recessed frame (shown in photo below) is also black.

Side profile of 1/4" Acrylic print with 1/8" DiBond upgrade with black edge

This close side view above shows the black edge and additional depth by upgrading to Dibond aluminum which is shown clearly. It creates a unique appearance by adding depth along with the contrast of a black edge.

The Acrylic Print upgrade to DiBond float mount backing is handsome and adds strength

This sample above shows a small 18x12" acrylic face down to display the Black recessed float mounts, Dibond aluminum and French cleat hardware that is included. The Dibond is slightly over 1/8" thick and adds rigidity to large Acrylic's and a handsome appearance to ANY Acrylic glass print!


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Our Acrylic Glass mounted prints


FAQ: (About External Frames)  I love the look of a framed print. Can these Acrylic prints be Framed?

YES. You simply need to communicate this to me during the ordering process. I'll have your order crafted without Float Mount framing. It won't be needed since the external framing will now have a wire hanger. *Please note I do not charge extra for standard white recessed float mounts so there will NOT be a price reduction*

My personal opinion on having my acrylic mounted prints framed. They look incredibly awesome! Just please have this done professionally so I can sleep soundly at night.

Tip: It's so easy to frame these! To add an external frame around my acrylic glass prints, you'll need a frame with a rabbet depth of 5/16" to about 1/2". Rabbets are simply grooves that are cut on the reverse sides of all picture frames that allow you to slip the artwork securely into place!  If the frame you pick has a deeper rabbet , no worries! You'll never see it since it's on the back side.  Your frame shop will add an inexpensive 1/16" thickness plain backer board behind the acrylic print for additional protection. To secure the acrylic in place, they use what's called a point gun, glazier points or a framers staple gun. They prevent the acrylic glass from moving in the rabbet groove. It takes just a few minutes labor and the stuff is inexpensive!  

FAQ: What is the turn-around time on an Acrylic Print order?

Due to the precise nature and attention to detail given to every single Acrylic print produced, it typically takes from 7-8 days before the order is ready to be securely packaged for shipment. Including the travel time to your destination, please understand this may take up to (2) weeks for your print to arrive.  

FAQ: Framing an Acrylic print vs. purchasing a Traditional Photo Paper print and having it Mounted/Matted and Framed. Is there an advantage choosing the Acrylic print?

I'm asked about this frequently and there's simply no comparison. Both Acrylic glass mounted prints and my Aluminum dye sublimated (Metal prints) are far superior to traditionally mounted and matted photo prints. Taking the facts into consideration including the clarity of the acrylic glass, it's ability to reflect ambient light onto the special face mounted Pearl giclee' print and the incredible depth, definition and vibrancy. The initial cost of the Acrylic print medium may seem higher, but in the end, your total investment is lower.

So how is that? OK, let's look hard at the old style traditional framed and matted print. Professional art framing & mounting shops must go through a tedious process to properly mount traditional paper (fiber based) photo prints to acid free backer boards. The markup on archival quality mounting boards and mats is astronomical!  Old style prints are subject to out gassing, curling due to humidity changes and other obvious visual issues over time.

Truth be told, art framing shops just don't adhere the print to cardboard with scotch tape and stuff it behind a retail store purchased economy frame. When you combine the print mounting with archival quality matting, a $255.00 medium size 30x20" traditional photographic paper print may cost you an extra $200.00 even before you even decide on your exterior frame which will easily exceed $200.00 more for a total investment nearing $700.00    

If you go strait to my Acrylic print option, you bypass all the additional cost, time and drama and the end result is an infinitely higher quality decor presentation you can hang immediately after you remove it from the packaging. The kicker is it will cost you a couple hundred dollars less to invest in the most Luxurious Acrylic Fine Art print presentation!

A Breakdown of some Details to consider:  

- Acrylic glass mounted prints are a full 1/4" thick which adds dimension and depth to the presentation. It is optically pure. It is durable and rigid, this is the preferred way to flawlessly and permanantly mount one of our fine art prints.   

- Custom cut mat boards and foam core backer board are not required. This represents significant savings passed over to you as I described above.

- Ultra HD Pearl/metallic papers are precision mounted behind vivid and crystal clear acrylic glass sheets using ultra thin layer transparency technologies that adhere the Giclee' fine art prints perfectly flat without ripples or curls. We are talking precision accuracy!  

- The transparent adhesive layer is infused with iridium particles, and when properly lit for display this layer virtually traps the reflected light off the print! Unlike old style traditional framed & matted art prints, this new technology has the appearance of being back-lit with amazing clarity and dynamic color.  

- Acrylic Glass mounted prints have a luminescence that adds to the overall appeal of owning such a luxurious museum grade sleek gallery print product!  The higher the quality of light you can apply to your presentation (halogen and LED are best) my acrylics simply glow!  The only media that rivals the appearance quality are my Aluminum Dye-Sublimated floats.

- Lastly, Acrylic glass-mounted prints are by nature far more durable than any traditional framed & matted printed photograph. The giclee' fine art paper used to process the image are rated 125+ years before first slight noticable fade.


FAQ:  I love the glass mounted acrylic and plan to have it framed. So, when I'm placing my order, I won't need the recessed float mount hardware. (since frame shop installs traditional eye hooks and wire for hanging)  How do I tell you when I place my order I am having it externally framed when it arrives at my home?

I've made this easy using any of 3 methods.

1) At checkout, I have a comment box appear for clients to add notes. Type in the comment box: "Hey Tom, Just ordered an acrylic float mount and I'm having it framed dude! Please leave off the float mount hardware!"  I will confirm your request by email or phone call, your choice.

2) Call me direct!  If you prefer, call me at (860) 671-0263. If I'm unable to pick up at that moment, leave a message that you ordered an acrylic print and you plan to have it framed. Just be sure to tell me your name so we don't confuse your order. (I'll confirm your call ASAP- and call ya back!) 

3) Send me a note using the CONTACT form.   I will reply to your message ASAP to confirm that your order will not include the float mount hardware.


FAQ: How do I care for and clean my new Acrylic Glass H-D print?

They are easy to keep clean and maintain. The acrylic glass surface is subject to scratches or scuffs if they accidentally come in contact with sharp or abrasive materials. A diamond ring swipe could scratch, and sandpaper textures would scuff the surface. My 1-year product quality guarantee does not cover mis-handling damage. 

- If you were to get any fingerprints or smudges, dust or airborne particles that settle on the glass surface here is how you clean it. Do NOT use ammonia based solutions. All you need are (2) clean soft cotton cloths and a mild blend of gentle soapy water. Use one slightly dampened cloth, and gently wipe the print surface, then buff with the dry cotton cloth.

- Avoid harsh direct Sunlight!  Direct sunlight will fade any fine art print over time. Although Acrylic's  1/4" glass offers better UV protection than conventional framed/matted paper prints harsh sunlight will eventually damage the print by sun bleaching the color pigments. Ambient room light is acceptable, and of course, the ultimate choice to illuminate your new Acrylic is either halogen or LED bulbs.

- Avoid extreme humidity!  Sauna rooms and master bath suites are subject to acute airborne moisture  (steam) which after time can find it's way between the glass and the thin transparent adhesive. Best advice: If your master suite vent fan can keep your mirrors from steaming up, your pretty safe.

FAQ: Do you have a better media option for your prints in high humidity or areas prone to water?

I can solve that dilemma for you! My Aluminum dye-sublimated floats (metal prints for short) are perfectly suited for any humid, wet and splashy environment. Water has no effect on them! Hang them in your tropical lanai, sauna or bath, even a garage or workshop.    




Consultations To Discuss your Print Purchase

I will gladly provide a consultation over the phone to provide advice and expertise. I'm honored and privileged to provide you with this service for free. I will assist you in any way I can to help guide you through the process. The best time to reach me is usually after 4:30 pm EST weekdays and try me anytime weekends after 9 am. Please leave a message if I'm unable to answer at the time. (860) 671-0263



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Description of Policy from Merchant:

High definition Acrylic Glass mounted print workmanship is backed by a FULL YEAR guarantee! This includes Dibond backing substrate and hanger integrity. (Who else does that?) Artwork showing signs of neglect or mishandling including vandalism are not covered. (See accidental damage below) SHIPPING: ANY print that is damaged in transit from me to you is eligible for an exchange. Damage from transit handling must be reported to me within 24 hours of arrival for resolution. Damage claims must be returned to me direct for inspection, or a high-quality photo of the damage via email is acceptable. Fine Art Paper prints and Canvas Prints are quality guaranteed a full 30 days from purchase. Any damage caused by mishandling/vandalism/mounting/matting and framing or exposure to elements is not guaranteed. ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE: IF in the event your artwork is accidentally damaged in any way within the first 12 months of purchase I will provide that client/collector a discount of 30% to replace the artwork as originally purchased, not including shipping cost. You will need to return the damaged print product, or if the damage is very obvious email me clear photo(s). It is highly suggested you protect your investment as collectible art on either your Homeowners policy or Renter insurance!


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