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Nomad fine art photographer with a Reverence for Nature

My name is Thom Schoeller, and I thank you for taking an interest in my imagery. I'm an artist working in the medium of Fine Art photography. I am mostly self-taught in the trade, honing my skills with a deeply rooted passion towards scenic landscapes & nature. 

I specialize in dramatic frameless large-format fine art pieces, also known as Luxury Fine Art. For this, I use only the finest high definition print technology that is available to me today. The objective is creating vibrant and luminous printed media formats that deliver a show-stopping appearance, combined with world-class craftsmanship. I offer two stunning luxury fine art print formats. Acrylic Face Mounted  prints and Fine Art Prints Mounted On DuraPlaq.  In addition, I recently decided to offer a print format that provides a similar gallery style appearance to the Acrylic and DuraPlaq formats but at half the investment called Gallery Board Mounted.     

When you invest in any of my premium large format pieces, rest assured, you are not simply purchasing ink on paper. Above all, it is the experience you will enjoy over a lifetime each time you view it. Not to mention for every time a guest to your place cast a long gaze and offers an elated compliment. 

My work is characterized by a love for bold natural colors and beautiful lighting that I typically experience at sunset and sunrise. I am also drawn to crisp reflections offering a retrospective view within the scene, and intimate landscapes that concentrate on eye-popping qualities such as shapes, textures as well as abstract photography techniques.  


Product installs Thomas Schoeller Fine Art Photography

The Emotional & Spiritual Impact of Fine Art Nature

The human experience goes through several layers which include the environment, the physical body, the mind, intuition and "self or spirit". True spirituality lies outside of any institutionalized religions. Nature imagery can help you reconnect on a personal level with the Earth and help raise your positive energy vibrations. Quite literally, it's a form of mindfulness meditation, opening yourself up to a higher positive vibration. Raising your level of vibration high enough is that sweet spot where you feel joy and happiness. Connect to the power of intention, and the life you dream of can become your reality.  

I reconnect with the scenes I have photographed in the same manner. I'll find myself gazing into my own displayed images and allow my mind to drift back to the events leading up to when I photographed the scene. Wonderful memories expose themselves as I retrace my steps and recall all the natural beauty that surrounded me. Not only does fine art nature photography have a spiritual impact on us, but it also has a powerful emotional impact with scientifically proven health benefits.     

The health benefits of fine art nature photography include lowering stress levels and letting go of bad emotions. This is closely related to the science of eco-art therapy and ecopsychology, finding wellness through art and nature while expanding your awareness and healing your mind and spirit. Healthcare facilities are among my most common clients, often procuring several pieces from my collections to display on their walls. I often hear feedback that their patients tend to sit less to read the magazines in the waiting areas and walk about admiring my large format imagery that is on display on their walls!   

It's Like Being There in Person

You may not always be able to find yourself in a wilderness area with mountain views, meadows of wildflowers and a gorgeous stream on any given day. However, owning a fine art nature image you can gaze at or meditate to can provide you with both a therapeutic healing or a positive spiritual connection without leaving the confines of your own home. I am thrilled to be able to share my images with people that connect with them on an emotional or spiritual level, and I'm eager to make new works available for you to own and display in your special place of preference. That place may be in your home or even the office. Displayed over a sofa in the family room, or a special private place in your home where you go to calm your frayed nerves and shield yourself from bad energy.   

Clients purchase the artwork on my web gallery for any number of reasons. The most common being the emotional impact or positive spiritual impact has on them. As you discover the imagery in my curated collections, you may be moved by the natural beauty and my personal style of composition and artistic inspiration. That is how I define the emotional impact of connecting to a piece. These same clients are often enthusiastic to share their affections for the scenes. Before they decide on a purchase, they'll embellish how they became drawn to it and ultimately ask me which of my fine art print formats best suits their needs. Fine Art Nature photography is the only medium in which you can dramatically change your home's interior decor while raising your positive spiritual vibration and connection with nature. 


My advice to anyone that is looking to discover a beautiful fine art nature print is to invest in a piece that you connect with. Don't get hung up on "limited edition" status or collectibility. That is so pretentious and generated by slick marketing techniques trying to trick you into thinking you are procuring a rarity. People that are inspired by nature are down to Earth, and you won't see me employing the "Limited" scheme.

I have hundreds of fine art images available to custom order from my web gallery. You are certain to find one that awakens your soul or takes you back to a very special time and place. The philosopher Voltaire was quoted "It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it." If any of my images stand out and makes a profound impact, I'm delighted that my imagery has influenced you with such an impassioned presence. Treat yourself to a beautiful piece that you connect with, makes you happy, brings back memories, and one you can enjoy and treasure for a lifetime. Are you ready to Shop For Art 

My large format, premium fine art pieces are a timeless value. If you have fallen in love with several large pieces and are seriously considering a multiple piece purchase, I invite you to contact me so I can work up a quote. 

Fine Art photographer and naturalist Thom Schoeller on location capturing the scenes



Study Nature    Love Nature   Stay close to Nature   It Will Never Fail You



Proper Outdoors ethics promoted by nature photographer Thom Schoeller


I take great satisfaction and pride in my nature imagery and I am very passionate about conservation as well as the preservation of wilderness and our natural environment. I'm a loyal advocate for nature and I promote vital outdoors ethics. I take the motto "Leave No Trace, Only Footprints" very seriously. 

supporting environmental groups

I support 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of my proceeds based on sales of my Nature Imagery.  I am ecstatic if my best selling prints allow me to donate funding to places such as the Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, or any of our wonderful National Parks. I sincerely wish that you feel the same as I do having the opportunity to support such genuine global concerns. 

My preference is to offer great value for your investment while delivering the most luxurious Fine Art presentations.

My goal is to continuously deliver high-quality and distinctive landscape and nature imagery. I seek out adventures and love to discover amazing natural places. I embrace the latest photographic technology and processing advances which allow me to expand my limits. Thankfully, my works have been well received, and I've been very fortunate to become a prominent and well-published photographer. If I can make a living at this, connect with others that share the same passion and I'm able to continue to support the environmental causes, I stay energized and motivated.




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