Business Art Decor

There is a new trend that is catching on in the business world, and that is bringing the beauty of nature indoors with fine art nature photography. Face it, the workplace environment is like a home away from home! You spend from 1/3 of your day to as much as 1/2 your day in what is a mostly sterile environment. Why not refresh your business art decor?


Glacier National Park. Rising Wolf Mountain and Trick falls

Sunrise alpenglow on Rising Wolf Mountain over the ethereal flow of Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park 


The Benefits of introducing Fine Art Nature Wall Decor

Two words. Reduce stress! There is a bit of science behind the applied technique. The business or office workplace is generally not a place where you allow yourself to enjoy a Zen moment. That is unless you work for the National Park Service as a guide perhaps in Grand Teton or Acadia? If you had an opportunity to bring that special something into your office workplace that everyone could benefit from, wouldn't you consider the options? It's not exactly like you have the option to get out there and take a 2-hour hike during the workday to unwind and reconnect, but what if you bring amazing high-quality fine art nature landscapes into the workplace as wall art?


A verdant carpet of moss and a gently tumbling cascade. What could be more inviting. 


Eco-Art Therapy. Allow Nature to Heal

Albert Einstein said "Look deep into nature, and then you will know everything better". Certainly, you notice an amazing sunrise if you're lucky in the morning commute to work. You can't stop, but you keep looking towards the sky to admire. Something instinctively draws you to the colors and clouds like a moth to light. How about the rhythmic pulse of the ocean against the shore? Mesmerizing!  If you say yes, you already understand the power of nature as a soothing if not healing element in day to day life. 

A crisp autumn morning in New Hampshire's White Mountain region. Wouldn't you take 15 minutes to get lost in this?


Wall decor for Dental and Health Care facilities

This has become a nice segment for me recently as the Healthcare Industry has looked my way to supply scenic landscapes for various applications. The stress of dental work can be mitigated by placing beautiful landscapes in both the waiting rooms and even the actual exam room. Quality artwork prints catch the wandering eyes of patients anxiously waiting to be called in. Instantly, the mind attaches itself to the scene and you can envision yourself being there in person. I've supplied numerous dental offices and even large Hospitals with nature images as wall decor including the new healthcare inpatient tower in Farmington Connecticut. Patients react positively to the prints, and the demand continues to grow.


Enders Falls 44" print over a patient bed, just one of a hundred prints in one of Connecticut's best known in patient hospitals!


What Media works best?

High traffic areas, for instance in waiting rooms, hallways or even the business office require special needs. I have just the perfect solution to your dilemma. Aluminum dye-infused float mount prints, also known as metal prints. What makes them so special? First of all, they are scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Traditional framed and matted artwork is very fragile, and the framing cost an arm and a leg. My aluminum prints come ready to hang and display the moment they are unpacked. They are lightweight, humidity and moisture has NO effect on them, so even a splashy environment is easily handled by this unique medium. Read more about my Metal prints!    

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