Live Preview - Augmented Reality for Art Shoppers

Published by KTS for Thom Schoeller


How Did We Live Without It?

Selling fine art photography online is difficult enough. It's always been a challenge for the art buyer to visualize exactly how the artwork will look in their personal space. 

Way before we added (AR) to Thom's online art gallery -- we asked collectors to "just send me a picture of the room you want to hang my work in, and I'll place it in the approximate size you want." If you've ever tried that with an artist, there are a few hurdles. The most common room pics were taken with an iPhone, resulting in underexposed -- blurry -- and crooked results. Of course, they don't have a measuring tape so they'd "guess" the width of their furnishings. Needless to say, unprofessional room photography is not conducive for selling artworks. 


live preview my artwork on your walls with augmented reality - only with Thomas Schoeller Photography

Live Preview takes the guesswork out! Select the size, stand back 10' and BOOM! 

There is always a lot of guesswork trying to determine the correct size so the buyer could use it to determine the proper scale. That has always been the tricky part since buyers tend to err by purchasing a piece that's too small and will not fill the space over a sofa, headboard, fireplace mantle, or sofa table. This can make the shopping experience a long-drawn-out and frustrating process. Purchasing artwork is supposed to be FUN!

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.....

Since (AR) has been installed on my online art gallery, it's made shopping for art prints so much easier. From my client's perspective, there are NO apps they need to install or download. You just use it naturally when you're are on my website. All you need to be sure of is to use Chrome, Opera, or Apple's Safari browser on your mobile device.  Anyone, anytime can view any artwork within my categories and galleries and view them instantly on your own walls. If you are shopping for art from home, there is simply no better experience for my collectors.     

What's so cool is you see my work on your walls, exactly as your room appears! The wall color, trim pieces, furnishings, windows, and doors. I've tried those generic "second-life" room mock-ups used by many online Art Malls. You know, the ones with funky bright green or orange armchairs and very little room detail that helps to make a well-informed decision.  Live Preview on MY website has Solved that problem.   

Pick the correct size for you next fine art photography print at Thomas Schoeller Photography online

Choosing the right size over a fireplace mantle is critical. Do it right by using our Augmented Reality tool.

Let's Get Started

So from my website, all you need to do is go to SHOP FOR ART  in the main menu and then select from any of the collections you see. Click any cover image you see to open that collection. Scroll down to view all the images that are available in each gallery. The titles of each artwork are beneath it. When you see an image you connect with, just click or tap to open it. Scroll down slowly on your device. Then select from the sizes. (Don't worry about the media options just yet - Let's look at the art on your walls)  The Live Preview (AR) tool is in the yellow box just below that. Tap to open it!


Live Preview Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photography by Thom Schoeller - View his art on your walls instantly

After you click on any artwork in our Collections, the Live Preview button is right here beneath the Size & Media choices


Stand back and hold your device up 10 feet from the wall. This is the optimum distance to get an accurate scale for the size of the artwork on your wall. If you stand too close, it makes the print appear much larger than it actually is!  That is the most common mistake and you'll wind up ordering a piece that's too small. 

Preview new artwork by Thom Schoeller on your mantle  

Using Live Preview, you can even display it standing ON a Fireplace Mantle.


Once you've decided on a piece that will look stunningly in your home or office, you can now proceed by choosing one of the print media options I offer. If at any time you have any questions about the media options, the imagery itself, or even the ordering process I'm just a phone call or email away.  You can use the CONTACT form to email me directly. Or to leave a voicemail call: 860-717-2227.

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