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Connecticut DSLR and Mirrorless system photography workshops | Classes For Beginners and Guided Workshops for Advanced | Learn Manual Exposure Controls



Learn Manual Exposure Controls and more

Local Connecticut and NY DSLR photography class instructor Thom Schoeller

Photo © Leroy Javois Portraits


My D-SLR and Mirrorless System Camera photography classes & workshops are fun, informative, and designed to inspire. Learn in-person from an accomplished, well-published master nature & landscape photographer. Here is a brief sampling of the various levels of primary Classes and Workshops I currently offer. Please note. ALL classes must be pre-paid in advance -- no exceptions. 

Consultation Before You Buy A Camera - If you are purchasing a new DSLR or mirrorless system, you can schedule a 30-minute phone consultation service with me before you invest in a system for $45.00. I can go over your needs and wants, and try and match you up with the appropriate equipment. Workshop invoices must be paid in advance to secure your scheduled consultation. 

Level I - Beginners Coaching

Classes are separated into categories to accommodate any skill level. Level I - Beginners classes are a (2) session bundle which is great for SLR beginners -- if you are graduating from iPhone cameras or even a quick brush-up. It's THE PLACE to start and learn what's going on "under the hood" with any DSLR or Mirrorless system. The objective is to get you familiar with the manual controls and functions these wonderful cameras offer to you. The exposure triangle and all the camera functions are the topics of both Level I classes. You'll have the option to break the Phase I classes up into (2) days at 2 hrs each. Most people prefer to take do both on the same day (4 hrs) with a short 20-minute break at halftime. (I go into this more as you continue)  Don't forget, if you don't have a camera just yet, you can schedule an "up to 30-minute" phone consultation to help you decide what's best for your needs for $35.00.

Level II - Hands-on Workshops to Apply Techniques

Level II workshops are an excellent follow-up to Level I Beginner's classes. This is the junction where the beginner meets the intermediate skill level. What's really great is I let YOU pick the subjects that you enjoy shooting the most. Do you want to learn how to shoot waterfalls? How about Portrait Photography tricks and tips? Nature & Landscapes, Close-Ups? You pick a subject, I'll teach you. 

During each class, I'll be teaching you how to select the proper aperture settings, ISO, and shutter speed to achieve the desired results. If your camera has a back-focus button, I'll show you how to use it. We'll go over both manual focusing and auto-focus techniques, and just as important I'll show you how each metering mode works and what's best to choose for your subject!  This series of classes is an eye-opener!  I created a bundle package so you can pre-purchase all (3) sessions at a discounted price. 

For the more advanced shooters, I provide Guided Outdoor Connecticut Nature Landscape Photography workshops. I have multiple locations that I take people to throughout the picturesque Litchfield Hills region. I like to limit these classes to 4 participants max so you are able to get my full attention.


Conveniently located just 30 minutes or less from towns like Danbury, Torrington, Bristol, Southbury, and Pawling/Carmel NY.  I'm under an hour from Westport, Milford, and West Hartford CT.  Workshops must be scheduled with Thom by phone or email. All participants must purchase their class in advance. Once you do, we'll schedule your date. You can call directly at (860) 717-2227 or email - Thom@ThomasSchoeller.Photography

Want to GIFT a workshop? WE DO GIFT CARDS. Purchase First, Call to schedule later. No Hassles   

TS Photography Workshops are Connecticut's best choice for learning D-SLR and mirrorless camera systems


When you are ready to purchase or reserve your Photography Workshop, click the Book It Now link below or go to the menu above. > Workshops > Purchase Workshops.  It's best to purchase your class in advance using the workshops voucher option. I'll follow up within a day to schedule your class! There is no rush to schedule your class ASAP. We can plan out for days, weeks, or even a month ahead. 



Learn to SEE ♦ Visual Design ♦ Effective Compositions ♦ Be Expressive ♦ Define With Light 









Level I Classes - Entry Level Coaching

Level I Beginners' classes consist of (2) sessions, each lasting @ 2 hours. Level I classes are priced individually for $165.00. As an option, you can Bundle both classes as a pre-purchased package for just $275.00, which saves you $55.00. Most people that pre-purchase the Bundled classes prefer to schedule them on the same day -- if you do, we take a 20 minute time out at halftime. If you decide to split the beginners' classes up on separate days, it's our policy that you schedule the second class within 2 weeks of taking the first class. If you are unable to do so, you will be charged the full amount of $165.00 per class. All beginner's classes are held in New Milford, Ct. 

Location Options: If you live within a 25-mile radius of New Milford, Ct, I'd be happy to travel to your location for Phase I beginners classes. There is an extra travel fee to do so. Individual classes increase from $165.00 to $180.00, and the Bundled classes MUST be completed on the same day for $295.00 

You don't have to decide immediately what Level workshop is best for you. I'll speak with you by phone to discuss your current skill level and understanding of photography and make a suggestion. There is a limit of (1 on 4) maximum instructor to participants to provide my full attention to all.  I'm happy to provide 1 on 1 coaching at no extra cost. Although my Level l class is designed to get you familiar with your camera's exposure and focus functions, it's not just for beginners. Unless you're already an advanced photographer, this is a great class to brush up on the Exposure Triangle.

The Exposure Triangle is the mechanics of ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture and how making even minute adjustments to it affects your exposures. I'll help simplify this complicated relationship through personal coaching sessions.  

Connecticut | NY | Berkshires Photography Workshops by Thom Schoeller

Please Contact Me to Schedule Your Class

Before you purchase and schedule your classes, it's always best to CALL or EMAIL me. It is my policy that you purchase your workshop in advance. Once you commit to a specific class, we'll schedule the date. You can pre-purchase any workshop in advance from the menu. I can also invoice you by PayPal. Don't worry about openings or availability, I'm able to make things work out for you!

To schedule a workshop or ask any questions you may have you can click here to contact me:  About Photo Workshops

You may also go ahead and purchase your workshop in advance using my GIFT CARD OPTION 

Topics Covered

  • The Exposure Triangle - A complicated relationship simplified
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Metering Modes (spot-matrix-center priority)
  • the Histogram and how to take advantage of it.
  • Image Stabilization (VR-IOS) 
  • Viewfinder Basics - TTL or EVF
  • Comparing D-SLM and D-SLR camera systems
  • Image Quality Settings (RAW and JPEG) 
  • Exposure Adjustments (+/-)   


Workshops are strictly for D-SLR & D-SLM (Mirrorless) cameras with full manual exposure controls and interchangeable lenses. (No iPhone cameras, iPad cameras, or compact consumer digital cameras)  You should bring your DSLR | DSLM camera, along with a lens, charged battery, a memory card, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm!  Also, be sure to bring your camera's manual! I won't know your specific camera's menus in and out, in fact, no one does!  

Why Attending a Workshop or Class in Person is Preferrable

Truth be told, just owning an advanced camera & pro lenses doesn't make anyone a photographer. Just as owning a hammer doesn't make you a carpenter. Properly acquired knowledge -- applied skills & technique are what prove your competence. The camera doesn't take the photograph, the operator does. More than half of the people taking my classes have expressed they were advanced photographers to some extent. I soon discover most of them have yet to switch from the Auto mode. The bottom line is, if you're unable to take advantage of the camera's wonderful technologies, you might as well be using a basic point & shoot camera or iPhone. 

These classes and workshops I provide are for people that really want to learn photography. Under my guidance, you'll quickly take full control of your advanced camera's functions. This is a service that I've provided for many years, and it is well worth the effort and small investment. You'll gain credible firsthand knowledge in a one-on-one setting from a well-published & commercially successful photographer.

Say Goodbye To Online Freebie Gimmicks and Discounts!  Remember, time is money, and time spent is valuable. Spending uncounted hours on the internet cobbling knowledge together adds up fast.  Anyone can publish an instructional video there without credentials, and Udemy videos come to mind.  How many YouTube videos did you start watching before you realize the talking heads cant answer your questions? How about those social media infomercials offering outrageous discounts. It's one scam after another. I know for a fact if your reading this, you've probably seen it all. It's frustrating -- I hear the same scenario from so many people. It's not the FREE knowledge that really helps you, it's what nobody tells you for FREE that opens the doors to advancement.   




Level II Classes - Applying Techniques & Skills  

The Level II classes are the perfect follow once you've completed the Beginner's Level I classes. They are @ 2 hours long and can be outdoors or inside --- depending on what subjects you want to learn. You can take as many of these classes as you like, and I'll apply a progressive discount for each class until you reach Blue Chip status at $149.95. 

What's Your Favorite Subject?

I may be repeating myself, but what's really cool about this next level is YOU get to pick your favorite subject to photograph, and I'll teach you!  Whatever subject you want to get better at shooting, we'll work on elevating your photography skills!  I'll adapt the workshop/classes around your needs, you set the pace and you get to ask the questions. So whether we do this outdoors or indoors, it all depends on what you like to photograph! People portraits, waterfalls rivers & streams, Street Photography, Nature landscapes? I'll get you on course to mastering your new techniques!

We'll be teaching you what aperture and focal length (mm setting on your lens) you need for your subject, also selecting the proper ISO, and shutter speed. If your camera has a back-focus button, I'll teach you how and when to use it. Also, digital camera's come with 3 or more options for metering modes and I'll explain which one you should be using for the subject. Manual focus and auto-focus techniques are practiced as well. 


  Gift Certificate Store 

Advanced and Intermediate 

Connecticut Guided Outdoors Nature Photography Workshops

The guided outdoors Connecticut nature workshops are aimed right at nature photography enthusiasts!  This is open to any skill level but requires you to bring certain equipment with you. If you have a tripod, camera, lenses, and Neutral Density or Polarizer filters, my outdoor workshops are suitable for you!  I'll work around your current skill level and you get to set the pace.  A simple call to me is all we need to figure out your current skills level. Once we schedule a time and date for your guided outdoor nature workshop, I'll send you an invoice to pre-pay for the class which also guarantees your spot.  ** Be 100% Certain to CONTACT ME in advance of Purchasing an Outdoors Nature Photography Workshop since they are SEASONAL!* *

Hands-On Nature Photography Workshops

Intermediate level hands-on nature photography workshops are conducted on location in the scenic Litchfield Hill's of Connecticut. These outdoor classes are geared towards nature & landscape photography using natural light.  Photographing outdoors in nature is the most challenging style and genre of photography. Nature is not a controlled environment like a studio. We'll be shooting in natural light, often low light or contrast between highlights and shadows. Natural light can change at any time without notice. We'll be dealing with motion caused by wind, water, and other variables.

Teaching Both Advanced Techniques and Artistic Aspects

A great landscape image requires more than just understanding and applying a good fundamental technique. There is an artistic aspect that goes into composing beautiful landscapes. During our outdoors on-location session, I'll be showing you how to compose more dynamic imagery.  I'll be explaining how the human eye is pre-programmed by nature to scan a scene, and what the human eyes tell the brain is a prettier scene to explore. For most, I'll be working with you to teach you excellent sound technical skills for making beautiful imagery, as well as your artistic vision. I limit the Outdoors Guided Workshops to 4 participants to give you individual attention as everyone is shooting the scenery. If you prefer one-on-one coaching, be sure to let me know.

Traditionally I schedule early Mornings and late Afternoon workshops to take advantage of the best lighting during "sunny days".  These best lighting conditions during the spring and summer months last just 2.5 to 3 hours twice a day.  Although I cannot guarantee amazing sunrise or sunsets, working those hours of the day in sunny weather usually provides optimal lighting for outdoor nature scenes.  It's critical to try and avoid harsh sunny mid-day lighting conditions here in New England as you get "hot spots" of sunlight in the forest and the light is flat otherwise.

Exclusions to Sunny Days.  If misty or foggy conditions are forecast, that is great for shooting forested scenes including streams and waterfalls. These can be scheduled without having to wake up at insanely early hours in the morning, and it allows us to continue the workshop to drive to multiple scenic locations if desired.  


Learn DSLR Photography techniques | classes located in western Connecticut and NY. You're never too old!

Guided Connecticut Nature Photography Workshops are limited to a maximum of 4 participants. Each morning or late day (sunny day) workshop lasts about 3.5 hours and is priced at $299.95 per person. Morning Litchfield Hills workshops commence at dawn. They continue through the magic hour and end after the golden hour. Late-day workshops work in reverse. They begin at the golden hour, and continue through the magic hour and end at dusk. 

If your schedule is flexible, and are able to commit to a last-minute "misty, foggy, cloudy day" workshop of waterfalls and forest scenes -- If the ideal shooting conditions persist and you would like to continue, the rate is $85.00 per hour 





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