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A Guide to Laurel Ridge Daffodil Fields of Litchfield CT
3/29/2016  |  Laurel Ridge Farm, Litchfield Connecticut

By Thom Schoeller

This is is a follow-up article to a popular blog I wrote a few years back (March 17, 2014). It was published on the New England Photographer's Guild website and originally titled "Litchfield's Laurel Ridge Foundation Daffodil Festival"...

The Scenic Litchfield Hills & Connecticut Fine Art Landscape Photography | Prints & Licensing

The Connecticut landscape is best known for it's distinctly rural flavor. The Litchfield hill's region contains the most photogenic landscapes Connecticut has to offer. It is a popular retreat for many folks who live in the greater New York City vicinity...

High-End Gallery Style Prints | Acrylic Artworks by Thomas Schoeller

If you desire to own a large format artwork style that appears to radiate from within as though it was backlit, look no further than Acrylic glass museum floats. Anyone who's ever stepped foot into one of those luxurious high-end franchise photography galleries in Vegas, you know exactly what print media style I'm referring to...

Lighting High-End Gallery Style Acrylic Glass Prints at Home

One of the most frequently asked questions clients have during the process of procuring my artworks relate to lighting their beautiful high-end gallery style prints once they arrive. So, I decided to provide the most important details and a few tips that are beneficial when it's time to illuminate my photographic artwork you've just added to your wall art collection...


by Thom Schoeller 1/24/2016

This article explains the benefits of using Nature & Landscape Photography art prints to induce calmness and tranquility into virtually any indoor space. The usage of nature photography as art therapy is rapidly catching on...

Art Collectors Guide - The Best high-end Print Media when ordering your new Photography wall art

It seems there is an almost unlimited assortment of art print media options available for Interior Decorators and connoisseurs of Fine Art Nature photography wall art to select from BEFORE they invest in a motif...