Custom Size Fine Art Wall Décor - A Solution For Choosing The Perfect Size For Your Space


Embarking on the final stage of your interior design journey involves the introduction of Fine Art wall décor into your space, whether it's a singular piece - or a thematic ensemble fulfilling your grand design vision. While standard print sizes, typically offered by nature photographers, suit most scenarios, there are instances where these sizes may not perfectly align with your unique space. Here on my website, I primarily feature the popular 3:2 and wide panoramic 2:1 aspect ratios, offering them in at least 6, and sometimes 8 different sizes.

The query then arises: What if some "nooks and crannies" in your interior wall space don't harmonize seamlessly with our standard-sized prints? We recognize that individual spaces may demand a more personalized touch, and we are committed to working with you to ensure that your chosen fine art photography seamlessly integrates into your distinctive environment.

Wide panoramic 2:1 aspect ratio fine art prints for exquisite home decor needs


Let me illustrate it this way: picture yourself shopping for a new car or truck, only to discover a staggering 21 different engine and transmission combinations to choose from. Unless you're an automotive expert, navigating through such an array of choices to make the optimal decision would undoubtedly be a daunting task. Recognizing this, auto manufacturers have wisely simplified the process for consumers.

Similarly, Fine Art Nature Photographers, including myself, adhere to the practice of offering common and practical photographic art print sizes. This deliberate choice is rooted in the desire to streamline the decision-making process for our customers and avoid a prevalent cognitive challenge known as "choice paralysis." The theory posits that the more choices presented to a customer, the more difficult it becomes for them to make a decision. Imagine if I listed around 100 print sizes, all within 1/4" increments—such abundance of choices could quickly lead to decision fatigue and potential loss of interest.

“People don’t make decisions based on what’s the most important, but based on what’s the easiest to evaluate.”

-- Barry Schwartz, psychology professor

The most common standard sizes will almost always work wonderfully for most applications. However, what if you have a wall space with limitation factors you wish to beautify with my imagery, and the standard sizes I've offered are not proportionate for that space?

Custom sized fine art prints for unique space requirements


The over-the-fireplace installation above titled "Follow Your Dreams" is a really great example. My standard 54x36" acrylic gallery floater seemed too expansive for the meticulously crafted inlay molding above a marble mantle. Especially since they were adding a custom frame to the piece. The carpenter's thoughtful design demanded a more tailored fit. The next standard size down, a 45x30" print, presented a challenge with a substantial 9-inch difference at the longer edge.

When selecting artwork, achieving the right size proportion for your space is paramount. A piece that's too small can appear awkward, emphasizing blank areas more than the artwork itself. Conversely, an oversized piece may overwhelm the space, making it less aesthetically pleasing and out of balance.

In this particular case, a custom solution was essential. A 48x32" custom-sized acrylic gallery float perfectly complemented the wall space, offering that coveted "in-between size." The clients were delighted that we could accommodate their unique requirements, providing a custom-sized photographic artwork that was not readily available on the website. Their connection to the piece, capturing a specific location within Acadia National Park, was further intensified by its perfect fit, creating a cherished addition to their home.

I'm so grateful they reached out to me directly for a consultation and allowed me to discuss their needs to find a solution.


This photo was sent from a collector in Phoenix, Arizona that procured this 42" x 84" TruLife® acrylic face-mount of "Gatekeeper". They had the piece framed locally at "The Art Of Framing".


It's important to note that while we embrace customization, maintaining the original aspect ratio—be it 3:2, 2:1, or 1:1 square—is crucial. This ensures the preservation of every beautiful detail within the printed artwork, exactly as seen in our galleries. While it might be tempting to alter the aspect ratio randomly, such changes can adversely impact the aesthetics of the original composition. I am happy to be able to make custom alterations to my bespoke sizes in 1/4" increments. However, I encourage clients to appreciate the artistry in its intended form and collaborate with us to create a customized piece that seamlessly enhances their space while preserving the artist's vision.



Avoid the post-purchase anxiety that comes with concerns about ordering the wrong size for your space after investing in a stunning photographic art print online. Transforming your space with high-quality art should be a joyous part of your journey, not a complex analysis leading to negative emotions. Reach out to me, and we'll work together to ensure the right fit for your space – a simple process that involves sharing a few measurements.

At times, the opposite scenario unfolds, where a potential collector invests time browsing my galleries, falls in love with the perfect piece, and then hesitates or abandons their cart. Left staring at an empty wall, sadly, they ponder what could have been. A quick inquiry through the contact form could have turned their grand visions and interior design goals into reality.

Regret often arises when there's a chance for retrospective change. Drawing from my extensive experience in the photographic fine art business, I understand that each situation may present unique challenges. I want collectors to feel confident without the worry of making mistakes. Take the opportunity to collaborate directly with me, free from the influence of salespersons working on commission. Let's ensure you choose the perfect size for your space without hesitation. Consultations prior to ordering artworks with me are complimentary. I look forward to speaking with you!

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Wide panoramic 2:1 aspect ratio fine art prints for exquisite home decor needs