Custom Size Fine Art Prints - The Perfect Solution When Choosing The Right Size For Your Space



Not every home is a one size fits all, cookie-cutter design. When choosing photographic art prints, sometimes standard sizes just won't fit your space.

The final stage of your interior design dream is when you introduce Fine Art wall décor into your space. It might be a single piece, or it could be a theme fulfilling your grand design vision. In most scenarios, the standard print sizes nearly every fine art nature photographer makes available for collectors and art lovers will do the trick. As an example, here on my own website, the most popular size ratio's for photographic art are either 3:2 or wide panoramic 2:1 aspect ratio prints.

I generally make them available in at least 6 different sizes, sometimes 8. The question is, what happens if some "nooks and crannies" of your interiors wall space don't fit perfectly with my standard sized prints?

Wide panoramic 2:1 aspect ratio fine art prints for exquisite home decor needs


First, allow me explain it like this. Could you imagine shopping for a new car or truck and find there are 21 different engine & transmission combinations to decide from. If your not exactly a knowledgeable automotive expert, making a choice (the best choice) would be a daunting task. Auto manufacturers already know that and have simplified it for you.

Fine Art Nature Photographers always make common & sensible photographic art print sizes available to simplify the decision process for our customers as well. The reason for this is to avoid a common overthinking dilemma known as "choice paralysis". The theory is, that the more choices the customer has, the harder it is to make a decision! If I listed about 100 print sizes all within 1/4" increments, you'd get exhausted quickly and might lose interest in making a decision.

“People don’t make decisions based on what’s the most important, but based on what’s the easiest to evaluate.”

-- Barry Schwartz, psychology professor

The most common standard sizes will almost always work wonderfully for most applications. However, what if you have a wall space with limitation factors you wish to beautify with my imagery, and the standard sizes I've offered are not proportionate for that space?

Custom sized fine art prints for unique space requirements


The over-the-fireplace installation above titled "Follow Your Dreams" is a really great example. In this instance, a standard 54x36" acrylic gallery floater would have been too large to fit within the beautiful inlay molding the carpenter designed for them over the marble mantle. The next smaller standard size available is 45x30". That's a full 9 inches difference at the longer edge!

When choosing artwork, you need the correct size proportioned for your space. If the photographic art is too small, it will look awkward, and draw more attention to the blank areas than the artwork itself. Too big, and you overwhelm the space, making the available space you are enhancing feel a bit small and crowded.

In this specific case, they needed an "in-between size" to flatter their wall space. A 48x32" custom-sized acrylic gallery float did the job. As you can imagine, the clients were thrilled that I was able to accommodate them, and provide them with a custom sized photographic artwork. They loved everything about the piece they procured, and have strong connections to this specific location within Acadia National Park.

I'm so grateful they reached out to me directly for a consultation and allowed me to discuss their needs to find a solution.



You don't want to experience anxiety shortly after investing in a beautiful photographic art print online, thinking you mistakenly ordered the incorrect size for your space. The process of transforming your space with the highest quality photographic art should be fun, exciting, and part of the journey! Not a complex, comparative analysis, followed by negative emotions. All you need to do is reach out to me. I'll ask you to provide me with a few measurements and we'll sort this out together.

Occasionally, the exact opposite happens and a prospective collector doesn't follow through (abandoned cart) with their purchase from my online web gallery. They shopped around, browsed my galleries for consecutive days, fell in love with that perfect photographic art piece, then backed out last second. Now they stare at a blank wall space, left to wonder. All it took was a second to use the contact form and inquire with me to achieve their grand visions and interior design goals.

Regret presents itself when the option can be changed retrospectively. I've been in the photographic fine art business for years, and I realize many situations may be unique and challenging. I don't want my collectors to be worried about making mistakes, so allow me the opportunity to help choose the perfect size for your space. You'll work directly with me, no sales persons working on commission. Consultations prior to ordering artworks with me are free. I look forward to speaking with you!

Artist | Thomas Schoeller - Fine Art Photography

Stunning Sunrise from Pemaquid Point Bristol Maine Scenic Coastline | Nautical & Lighthouse Photography Prints by Thom Schoeller

The historic Pemaquid Lighthouse peeks over the the mind blowing coastline of Bristol Maine just as the sun begins to crest the horizon. Open Edition Print