Metal Print & Acrylic Face-Mounted Print Framing Guide - Frame It or Go Frameless?


The majority of the artworks I make available to collectors from my website are mounted fine art prints, ready to be directly mounted (frameless) on your walls the moment you unpack them. The one alternative is my Open Edition photo prints which is exactly as it sounds, an unmounted photo print without a frame. Loose photo prints (unmounted) must always be framed both for support and protection.

However, if you decide to choose one of my high-quality Luxury Fine Art print mediums that are already mounted, as most of my collectors do, you might be undecided if you should have it installed into a really awesome external frame, or go frameless. So let's take a few seconds here and carefully consider your options.

Fine Art Italian wood frames by Roma paired with a linen liner beautifully complement any Schoeller Fine Art Acrylic glass or Chromaluxe metal prints. We are happy to locate a qualified framing gallery in your immediate area that knows Luxury Fine Art Photographic print media


There's a lot to be said about the look of a frameless fine art nature photography print. One of the most remarkable benefits for the Acrylic face-mounted prints and Chromaluxe metal is their ability to be installed in your home as frameless using the float mount system. A frameless design is a contemporary style that offers a clean, modern, and simple look. Some people feel adding a frame to a rigid, ready to hang artwork is distracting from the imagery. I've often heard the frameless style described as "looking out of a window to a magnificent view from the comfort of my own home". Obviously, its a personal preference and rather subjective, depending on the art lovers perspective.

On the other hand, the visual appearance of a properly framed luxury fine art print will certainly make a statement. Personally, I'm floored by how luxurious and distinguished a framed artwork looks, especially if you choose the exclusive wooden frames from Roma Moulding or the Omega Moulding companies.

The benefits of framing high-end print media:

• There is no mounting involved since the pieces already are completed and mounted

• No protective framing glass will ever be needed! You'll just need a frame, and an optional linen liner which appears similar to mat board, working as a spacing between the frame and artwork, but much nicer.

The bottom line is, whatever you decide it's a win-win situation... be it an Acrylic face-mount, Aluma mount, or Chromaluxe metal print, they all look absolutely stunning if left frameless - and drop-dead gorgeous if you decide to add a frame!

The appearance of a framed Acrylic face-mount or Chromaluxe metal print when framed is magnificent


You may have noticed that I am not actually offering framed artworks that can be ordered directly from my online web gallery. The reasoning for that is, well, there are several reasons. There is a tremendous variety of custom external frame choices that come in countless sizes, styles, colors, materials, and textures. That in itself only serves to complicate the online art prints order process, and adds an unnecessary layer of confusion and stress. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

• Can you be 100% confident you are choosing the correct frame molding width for the print size?

• Can you be 100% confident the style and color of the frame/linen liner combination you see on a website will be a good match with the new artwork... or your homes interior décor style?

My basic rule of thumb is, its always best to choose your frame and mat (linen liner) in person at a qualified local to you framing gallery, with your new mounted luxury fine art print in your possession. A few wall paint color swatches of your interior space will help too. Mitigate the risk, period.

Inspiring Deep Red Sunset from Port Clyde Maine at the Marshall Point Lighthouse | Limited Edition Luxury Art prints

LIMITED EDITION of 100 - A magical deep red June sunset at Maine's scenic Port Clyde. This is a wide 2:1 aspect ratio version I've titled The Evening Watch - II. Offering a unique take on the standard 3:2 titled Evening Watch. This is available in widths up to 72" as a Standard Acrylic or TruLife® Acrylic glass print.

Here's a scenario you need to consider if you DID order a framed print off of a website and, it wasn't exactly what you had in mind.

• Maybe the frame molding you chose was too narrow and overpowered by the artwork?

• Maybe you went in the complete opposite direction and went way too wide?

• Perhaps the color of the framing materials (molding and liner) looked much different online, or you couldn't tell exactly what the texture of the molding was like?

The issue is, you are limited by not having a more up-close, intimate view from different angles when viewing frame moldings on a website, and you can't exactly "see it" with your fingers like you can in person. One thing I can tell you is if you are unhappy with the choice of frame and mat/liner you picked shopping on an artist web gallery, it's going to be an expensive proposition to rectify - and there will be a ton of logistics to manage and shipping costs involved. My question to you is, why do that to yourself?


I've researched plenty of other online web galleries that offer framed Acrylic face mounts and other similar high-end print media from their websites. A few of them are hand fabricating the frames themselves, which is just fine, and totally makes sense if the artist has their own brick & mortar gallery to display the works. But that is the exception, not the rule. For the most part, more than 75% of fine art nature photographers don't offer framed prints online, for good reason.

For the most part, the majority of those artist are having their pieces framed by a 3rd party framing gallery. So looking at this from behind the scenes, the fine art prints require an "extra stop" on their journey to you, the collector. Since the high-end media styles are not a simple do-it-yourself fabrication, the pieces go from the print master - to the artist - to the framing gallery - then either shipped direct to the client if the framing gallery is so inclined, or a trip back to the artist before its finally shipped out.

Of course, the artist needs to mark-up the costs of the framing job plus the extra delivery expense that gets hidden in the final costs of the print. The markups for a common 60x40" piece can be $2500.00 or more. That's not to say I'm implying these artist are doing something illegal or deceptive. Not at all, they are merely trying to recover at least a portion of their expenses.

An unframed B&W acrylic glass face-mount print titled

This is an unframed acrylic glass face-mount fine art piece titled "In Tribute".


I've been providing a FREE service as a solution to assist my clients every step along the way with having their pieces properly framed. This solution also helps my art buyers save some money, as compared to the total investment of having me handle the entire framing process for them.

As your fine art piece is in the deliberate process of being fabricated and crated for a safe delivery, I am more than happy to personally reach out to any framing galleries in your general vicinity on your behalf, to determine which of them are most qualified.

Utah's Spectacular Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon | Brilliant Sunset over the Colorado River - Limited Edition Fine Art Nature Prints

LIMITED EDITION OF 150 - A gorgeous sunset at the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River near Page Arizona. Many regard this as the official gateway of the Grand Canyon despite the fact it is technically still part of Glen Canyon. This is one of the most dramatic natural landscape scenes in the great American Southwest.

With regards to finding a "qualified" framing gallery, I'll also inquire if they provide local professional fine art delivery and installation services. (if you require this service) This is so useful if the finished framed artwork is too large for a common sized sedan passenger car or SUV. You would need to pay this 3rd party for this final step, but just fraction of the costs for me to ship a huge framed piece directly.

I'll also inquire if they carry the same, or similar high quality frame styles you see represented on my website. As soon as I find a qualified suitor, I'll pass that information to you so you can stop in to speak with them directly, view the frame mouldings in person, and get an idea for the framing galleries pricing per linear foot and final delivery/installation. This has worked out exceptionally well!

Direct Delivery To The Frame Shop: If needed, I'll continue to work with your framing gallery of choice to have your artwork delivered directly to their business location. As part of my commitment to the collector, I will provide tracking documentation (tracking ID#) to both the client, and the framing gallery so you both can plan for its arrival. This is an especially exciting time as you anticipate your beautiful new artwork to arrive.

Since I began providing this service to my clients, I'm finding they are saving approximately $1200.00 off the extended markup of a typical 60x40" framed piece (which may exceed $2500.00)

Mt Rainier Lenticular Cloud and Lupine Wildflower Meadow at Sunset | High-End Fine Art Photography wall decor prints

A gorgeous scene photographed from a Lupine dominated meadow off the Nisqually Vista Trail in Mt Rainier National Park. The "mountain" as locals call it, dominates the scene as it towers majestically above a smorgasbord of colorful wildflowers.

The unusual cloud formation hovering Rainier's peak is a lenticular cloud. As high-level moisture streams eastward from the Pacific and hits the 14,410' high behemoth they may begin to form and add significant levels - often appearing as a spaceship of sorts.

*This image belongs to our Curated Collection of Fine Art prints. It is available to order in sizes from 24" on up*

Here is a summary of the benefits you might want to consider:

• As the artist, I am familiar with the latest advances in photographic print media and can translate this to the framing gallery

• If needed, I can arrange a direct delivery to your local framing gallery of choice and provide shipping ID#'s

• You'll get to view the framing mouldings and linen liners up close and "in-person" to properly choose the moulding widths, the material, textures and finish.

• If needed, I'll inquire for a final delivery (great for larger pieces 45" and up) to your home, and for installation of the artworks in your home or office.

• By having your new artwork framed local to your residence or business and dealing directly with a framing gallery (without the middle man) you'll potentially save as much as 50% by not paying the artist markups + delivery fee's for an extra step in the process.

Montana winter scene titled Home On The range by Thomas Schoeller Photography | Framed with Tabbacchino Tobacco Leaf moulding

The artwork titled "Home On The Range" which is a wide panoramic 3:1 aspect ratio print framed in an Italian Roma Tabacchino "Tobacco Leaf" moulding with a black linen liner.