Art Buyers Guide To Metal & Acrylic Prints | Frame It? Or Go Frameless?

Welcome to the Art Buyer's Guide to Metal & Acrylic Prints, where we delve into the world of mounting choices for your cherished artworks. As the creator of an array of stunning Luxury Fine Art pieces available on my website, I offer a range of options, with a significant focus on mounted fine art prints. These treasures are not only ready to adorn your walls straight out of the packaging but also present a choice – to frame or not to frame? For those opting for my Open Edition photo prints, an unmounted option awaits, urging you to explore the endless possibilities of framing. Unveiling the beauty of frameless art or embracing the allure of an external frame – the decision lies in your hands. Join me as we navigate through the considerations, making your choice a masterpiece in itself.

Fine Art Italian wood frames by Roma paired with a linen liner beautifully complement any Schoeller Fine Art Acrylic glass or Chromaluxe metal prints. We are happy to locate a qualified framing gallery in your immediate area that knows Luxury Fine Art Photographic print media


Exploring the aesthetic possibilities, let's begin with the allure of a frameless fine art nature photography print. The Acrylic face-mounted prints and Chromaluxe metal options shine here, offering a captivating frameless display using the float mount system. This contemporary style exudes a clean, modern, and simple look that resonates with those who appreciate unobstructed beauty. For many, the frameless design is more than an artistic choice; it's an immersive experience, akin to gazing out of a window onto a breathtaking view from the comfort of home. Yet, as with any artistic preference, opinions vary.

On the flip side, the visual impact of a properly framed luxury fine art print is undeniable. Witnessing the opulence and distinction of a framed artwork, especially when adorned with exclusive wooden frames from renowned companies like Roma Molding or Omega Molding, is truly a feast for the eyes.

Consider the benefits of framing high-end print media:

• No mounting hassles, as the pieces come completed and mounted.

• No need for protective framing glass – just select a frame, with the option of an elegant linen liner resembling mat board, providing a refined spacing between the frame and the artwork.

In the end, the decision is a win-win scenario. Whether you opt for the sleek, frameless elegance of an Acrylic face-mount or Chromaluxe metal print, or choose to enhance it with a carefully selected frame, the result is nothing short of stunning. The beauty lies in the choice – a personal touch to transform your space into a gallery of your own creation.

The appearance of a framed Acrylic face-mount or Chromaluxe metal print when framed is magnificent


You may have noticed that I don't offer pre-framed artworks directly from my online gallery, and there's a sound rationale behind this decision. The extensive array of custom external frame options, spanning diverse sizes, styles, colors, materials, and textures, adds complexity to the online art print ordering process, introducing unnecessary confusion and stress. Consider a few pivotal questions:

• Can you confidently select the ideal frame molding width for the print size?

• Can you accurately predict if the style and color of the frame/linen liner combination seen on a website will harmonize with your new artwork or complement your home's interior décor?

My steadfast advice is to always opt for an in-person selection of your frame and mat (linen liner) at a reputable local framing gallery, preferably with your newly acquired mounted luxury fine art print in hand. A few swatches of your wall paint colors can also be invaluable. Mitigate the risk by making informed choices, ensuring a perfect match that elevates your art while enhancing your living space. Period.

Inspiring Deep Red Sunset from Port Clyde Maine at the Marshall Point Lighthouse | Limited Edition Luxury Art prints

LIMITED EDITION of 100 - A magical deep red June sunset at Maine's scenic Port Clyde. This is a wide 2:1 aspect ratio version I've titled The Evening Watch - II. Offering a unique take on the standard 3:2 titled Evening Watch. This is available in widths up to 72" as a Standard Acrylic or TruLife® Acrylic glass print.

Consider this scenario: you've ordered a framed print online, and it falls short of your expectations.

• Perhaps the frame molding you selected turned out to be too narrow, leaving the artwork overpowered.

• On the flip side, maybe you veered in the opposite direction, opting for a width that overwhelmed the piece.

• The color and texture of the framing materials (molding and liner) might have appeared drastically different online, lacking the tactile understanding you gain in-person.

The challenge arises from the limitations of viewing frame moldings on a website. Without the luxury of a closer, multi-angled inspection or the ability to feel it with your own fingers, online selections become a gamble. If dissatisfaction with your chosen frame and mat/liner combination from an artist's web gallery strikes, rectifying the situation becomes a costly endeavor, laden with logistical challenges and additional shipping expenses. The question is, why subject yourself to such potential financial strain when a more informed, tactile approach is readily available in person? Save yourself the hassle and make choices that ensure your artwork is not just visually appealing but perfectly aligned with your artistic vision.


I've delved into various online web galleries that showcase framed Acrylic face mounts and similar high-end print media. While some fine art photographers handcraft their own frames, a practice particularly prevalent among those with brick & mortar or mobile art show galleries, this approach remains more of an exception than the norm. In reality, over 75% of fine art nature photographers choose not to offer framed prints online, and they have sound reasons for this decision.

In the majority of cases, the artists that are selling framed pieces from their own website entrust the framing process to third-party framing galleries. This behind-the-scenes journey adds an additional step in the art's path to you, the collector. Given the intricate nature of high-end media styles, the route typically involves a journey from the print master to the artist, then to a framing gallery. From there, the framed piece may be shipped directly to the client, if the framing gallery facilitates this, or it may loop back to the artist before reaching its final destination.

This process incurs additional costs, with the artist marking up both the framing expenses and the added delivery costs, all embedded in the final print price. For a standard 60x40" piece, the markups can exceed $2500.00. It's crucial to note that this isn't an implication of illegality or deception on the artists' part; rather, it's a practical attempt to recoup a portion of the incurred expenses.

An unframed B&W acrylic glass face-mount print titled

This is an unframed acrylic glass face-mount fine art piece titled "In Tribute".


I've been providing a FREE service as a solution to assist my clients every step along the way with having their pieces properly framed. This solution also helps my art buyers save some money, as compared to the total investment of having me handle the entire framing process for them.

As your fine art piece is in the deliberate process of being fabricated and crated for a safe delivery, I am more than happy to personally reach out to any framing galleries in your general vicinity on your behalf, to determine which of them are most qualified.

Utah's Spectacular Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon | Brilliant Sunset over the Colorado River - Limited Edition Fine Art Nature Prints

LIMITED EDITION OF 150 - A gorgeous sunset at the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River near Page Arizona. Many regard this as the official gateway of the Grand Canyon despite the fact it is technically still part of Glen Canyon. This is one of the most dramatic natural landscape scenes in the great American Southwest.

With regards to finding a "qualified" framing gallery, I'll also inquire if they provide local professional fine art delivery and installation services. (if you require this service) This is so useful if the finished framed artwork is too large for a common sized sedan passenger car or SUV. You would need to pay this 3rd party for this final step, but just fraction of the costs for me to ship a huge framed piece directly.

I'll also inquire if they carry the same, or similar high quality frame styles you see represented on my website. As soon as I find a qualified suitor, I'll pass that information to you so you can stop in to speak with them directly, view the frame mouldings in person, and get an idea for the framing galleries pricing per linear foot and final delivery/installation. This has worked out exceptionally well!

Direct Delivery To The Frame Shop: If needed, I'll continue to work with your framing gallery of choice to have your artwork delivered directly to their business location. As part of my commitment to the collector, I will provide tracking documentation (tracking ID#) to both the client, and the framing gallery so you both can plan for its arrival. This is an especially exciting time as you anticipate your beautiful new artwork to arrive.

Since I began providing this service to my clients, I'm finding they are saving approximately $1200.00 off the extended markup of a typical 60x40" framed piece (which may exceed $2500.00)

Mt Rainier Lenticular Cloud and Lupine Wildflower Meadow at Sunset | High-End Fine Art Photography wall decor prints

A gorgeous scene photographed from a Lupine dominated meadow off the Nisqually Vista Trail in Mt Rainier National Park. The "mountain" as locals call it, dominates the scene as it towers majestically above a smorgasbord of colorful wildflowers.

The unusual cloud formation hovering Rainier's peak is a lenticular cloud. As high-level moisture streams eastward from the Pacific and hits the 14,410' high behemoth they may begin to form and add significant levels - often appearing as a spaceship of sorts.

*This image belongs to our Curated Collection of Fine Art prints. It is available to order in sizes from 24" on up*

Here is a summary of the benefits you might want to consider:

• As the artist, I am familiar with the latest advances in photographic print media and can translate this to the framing gallery

• If needed, I can arrange a direct delivery to your local framing gallery of choice and provide shipping ID#'s

• You'll get to view the framing mouldings and linen liners up close and "in-person" to properly choose the moulding widths, the material, textures and finish.

• If needed, I'll inquire for a final delivery (great for larger pieces 45" and up) to your home, and for installation of the artworks in your home or office.

• By having your new artwork framed local to your residence or business and dealing directly with a framing gallery (without the middle man) you'll potentially save as much as 50% by not paying the artist markups + delivery fee's for an extra step in the process.

Montana winter scene titled Home On The range by Thomas Schoeller Photography | Framed with Tabbacchino Tobacco Leaf moulding

The artwork titled "Home On The Range" which is a wide panoramic 3:1 aspect ratio print framed in an Italian Roma Tabacchino "Tobacco Leaf" moulding with a black linen liner.

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