High-End Gallery Style Prints | Acrylic Artworks by Thomas Schoeller


If you desire to own a large format artwork style that appears to radiate from within as though it was backlit, look no further than Acrylic glass museum floats. Anyone who's ever stepped foot into one of those luxurious high-end franchise photography galleries in Vegas, you know exactly what print media style I'm referring to. Huge pieces, wonderfully illuminated encapsulated under crystal clear glass, revealing richly saturated colors & hyper-realistic details. They are simply mind-blowing!

Stunning light shafts illuminate Willaby Falls deep within the Quinault rainforest of Washington's Olympic Peninsula | Limited Edition of 150 Fine Art prints


Mesmerizing light shafts penetrate the thick canopy of the Quinault rainforest on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Willaby Falls flows peacefully within a lush gorge surrounded by vibrant emerald ferns and moss.

Chances are, you've never personally experienced an art (gallery) exhibit that captured your attention quite the same way. Each wall is filled with stunning top-notch nature landscapes, competing with each another to capture your attention and never let go of it. As you slowly walk by and admire the photographic artworks, you subconsciously realize that you are mysteriously deeply connected to the imagery, as they seemingly allow mother nature to touch your soul. You can virtually picture any of those pieces on display in your own home, bringing all the razzle-dazzle and WOW factor that this high-end gallery style print media has to offer.

The entry-level investment at these Vegas galleries begins at around $4,000.00 for a 40x13" Limited Edition print. (just 520 sq. inches) Even for the most well-heeled client, that price point may be reason for deeper contemplation. It's a significant investment to procure a Limited Edition high-end gallery style acrylic print in that size range. However, from one of renowned world famous photographer Peter Lik's trifecta of franchise galleries, it is the going rate. Your inner voice may be telling you something different once you come to terms with the fact the artwork dimensions barely measure slightly over 3 feet by 1 foot.


What I'd like to do with this article is take a closer look at all of the X's and O's so interested art collectors and connoisseurs alike can make an honest comparative analysis before procuring artwork from ANY high-end gallery. Are you overspending? (that's subjective) Can alternative artists provide Limited Edition imagery equally as stunning on the same exact gallery style media? (the answer clearly is yes)

I currently set price points for my own 66x44" Limited Edition (2900 Sq. In) acrylic glass gallery floats for slightly LESS than their 40x13" (520 Sq. In) entry-level pieces. The math shows I'm providing over 5 times the square inches. After taking a quick look online at a dozen or more artists websites in my genre that offer the same media style, it seems my pricing is fair and right in line with them.

Before I jump in, I want to make it clear that I am NOT associated with ANY art galleries mentioned in this editorial. I am an independent artist, and all the artworks on my site are mine, and post processed in my very own personal & honest style. There is no intent to cast shade on the artist or the galleries mentioned at all, it's all about the X's and O's. I bring up these high-end galleries in all fairness, due to the artists self-acclaimed notoriety and fame.


Some rather boisterous claims have made him (Peter) a lightning rod for harsh critiques such as, in his own words, to be the world’s "most famous photographer, the most sought-after photographer, the most awarded photographer." Is he accurate in his own assessment? I don't really know, and I'm not sure statistics are kept for the specifications. Is anyone on earth really the worlds best photographer? Personally, I'd be embarrassed to ever allow those words to exit from my mouth. There are so many unique genres' of photography, and countless photographers with superb skills in each genre. I can tell you with 100% honesty, had it not been for all of the published articles I've read over the years, I'd likely never have heard of Peter Lik. Ironically, when conversations (I've taken part of) turn to famous photographers, I'm shocked at how many people are more familiar with the likes of Ansel Adams.

Speaking for my creative side, I'm not particularly artistically "inspired" by his artwork. Especially the extremely wide and narrow crop style. We've both photographed similar scenes that are considered iconic locations, and many of those scenes throughout New England I had photographed and published long before he ever did. He does claim he doesn't care much about what other photographers are up to, but we all know his team researches and prioritizes scouted locations before he heads out. I respect both his work and his awesome gallery layouts, however, I also admire the works of many fine art photographers including the likes of living legend Thomas Mangelsen.

I totally dig the fact he's bucked the elitist system establishment made up of pretentious commercial art galleries, and blazed a trail for the genre' of fine art nature landscape photography. Art galleries have snubbed photographers for as long as I can recall, and thankfully, the tide has turned.

Countless articles have been published as a result of the rumored sale of contemporary photographic art was sold by the gallery in the millions of dollars. The articles have caused quite the buzz amongst many nature & landscape photographers. Clearly, there is a genuine niche' here that is wide-open. Of the 579 million people that reside on the North American continent, there may be less than a few thousand qualified photographers that specialize in high-quality large format fine art nature imagery.


Here's my recent personal experience that I'd like to elaborate on when a prospective new client was shopping for nature imagery bounced off a high-end gallery and contacted me. In an email to me, he mentioned world-renowned photographer Peter Lik and his gallery of artworks, and said he visited one of his spectacular galleries in person - deciding on an artwork that he and his family loved for a potential future purchase.

Once he returned home from his trip, he looked up the online gallery to locate the same exact artwork. However, he mentioned this is where and when he began to question the investment point necessary to obtain it, which he said it seemed "a bit steep" for the artworks dimensions. Ironically, when it comes to value, Lik himself said of his work, “It’s like a Mercedes-Benz. You drive it off the lot, and it loses half its value.” He also mentioned he was confused about the "Limited Edition" status explaining his feelings to me as "an edition of 950 or so prints is not that scarce".

So he hit pause on this - and began searching online to discover alternative artworks, as he described in his own words - to look for other "high-end" artists. This was how he eventually found his way to my website as well as a small sampling of alternative superbly talented artists own nature photography websites. Clearly, anyone in the market for a high-end fine art nature print has the right to express free will and procure works from whom they prefer.

I do admit, as I re-read his email a couple of times, I was pretty stoked. The realization was setting in that my artwork was being considered as a possible "alternative" to a "world-famous widely-acclaimed" master photographer? The same artist who reportedly sold a photograph for the sum of 6.5 million dollars. No pressure, right? Whew.

So, we arranged a phone call to discuss his interest in my work. He openly revealed that he spoke with (2) photographers whose works piqued his interest. They both made the gallery style acrylic glass museum floats available. However, he mentioned both artists became squirrely when inquired about their quality guarantee on acrylic pieces. After researching online, he learned not all acrylic prints are created equal, and wanted the assurance he was getting the same quality and details that he experienced in person that afternoon in the Vegas gallery. I was more than happy to provide the details needed.

By the end of our conversation, he committed to procuring a pair of 45" Acrylic glass prints and expressed his "sincere gratitude for the customer service I provided" and my commitment to the gallery quality I'm advertising. When I told him to "go with his heart and select the artwork you connect with most, regardless of the artist name, that blew him away. (edit: as a follow up the same client has procured (3) more acrylic pieces to add to his collection)

Turquoise Waters of McDonald Creek carves a path through the mysterious forest of Glacier National Park | Fine Art Montana Prints For sale


A subtle yet undeniably stunning scenic from the rocky river's edge of McDonald Creek in Montana's Glacier National Park. During the photography session, I removed myself far from human presence to a location along the creek just below Heavens Peak to create this composition. The gentle S-curve of the river, with its luminous turquoise tones and deep mysterious forest, awaited my visit.


It's technically a presentation style, specifically the acrylic glass prints that are so well known for having an extraordinary - almost 3D depth, along with a luminous "back-lit" glow. The print media "style" has gained some recognition due to their high visibility in the aforementioned franchised art galleries. It's possible you've been invited into the private "darkroom" viewing experience by a sales associate if you had a chance to visit any of them (if not, I highly suggest you do!) The lighting and media rooms are used to expertly show off the acrylic face-mounted artworks' ability to trap ambient light and make it appear as though it's being backlit.

Acrylic prints feature the artwork (print) encapsulated between acrylic glass and a DiBond substrate

The very best acrylic print specialist (print masters) use photo papers including the likes of FujiFlex, LexJet Metallic-Pearl, and Lumachrome. These papers were specially developed for acrylic glass face-mounting, which further enhance the qualities of this unmatched print media. In all fairness, what you DO need to know is this presentation, or "print media style" is definitely not exclusive to Lik, myself or any other artists. Acrylic glass face-mounted prints have been around a while and high-end galleries and artist alike had no part in inventing the acrylic print media style. My point being, there's many photographic artists that specialize in high-end large-format acrylic prints, and provide unique artworks as equally jaw-dropping artist direct without the additional gallery fee.

In closing, I feel the most important decision anyone can make if you're investing in gorgeous fine art nature photography prints is to procure the artworks you love and connect with the most. Don't get hung up with collectability, and most of all, don't fall for brilliant marketing tactics and media hype! You'll be so much happier for it, and as a benefit you'll also enjoy all the reactions from friends and family. When you're ready to view some stunning fine art imagery - competitively priced - and backed by a quality guarantee, be sure to check out my Galleries.

Tower Bridge is one of Bryce Canyons prettiest natural Arches photographed against a high-desert sunset sky | Limited Edition Fine Art Prints


A pair of looming hoodoo's are conjoined in the center to form a natural arch. This magnificent feature, perhaps one of the most intriguing in Bryce Canyon is known as the Tower bridge. This artwork on your walls can create a virtual window into the realm of Bryce Canyon's enchanting beauty!