High-End Gallery Style Prints | Acrylic Artworks by Thomas Schoeller

If you harbor a longing to possess Luxury Fine Art Nature imagery that exudes an enchanting radiance, as if lit from within, the answer lies in the captivating realm of Acrylic glass museum floats. If you've ever experienced the grandeur of strolling through a high-end Peter Lik franchise photography gallery or admired the craftsmanship at a Thomas Mangelson Gallery, you are already acquainted with the awe-inspiring effect created by this specific print medium. It's that moment of "WOW" when you encounter those expansive pieces, impeccably illuminated, and witness the artwork encased beneath crystal-clear glass, revealing a mesmerizing interplay of richly saturated colors and hyper-realistic details. The sheer beauty of these photographic masterpieces is nothing short of mind-blowing!

Stunning light shafts illuminate Willaby Falls deep within the Quinault rainforest of Washington's Olympic Peninsula | Luxury Edition Artwork

Curated Luxury Edition Artwork

Mesmerizing light shafts penetrate the thick canopy of the Quinault rainforest on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Willaby Falls flows peacefully within a lush gorge surrounded by vibrant emerald ferns and moss.


A conventional commercial art gallery typically features vast, sterile white walls adorned with a scattering of artworks—an environment that may not exactly evoke inspiration or resonate with the warmth of a home setting. Some have even likened the experience in these galleries to being in a hospital, attributing the choice of sterile white walls as a safe, albeit uninspiring, fallback option.

Now, envision an entirely different experience in a specialized gallery setting, such as those curated by renowned photographers like Peter Lik or Thomas Mangelson. These galleries redefine the art-viewing experience, presenting immense, breathtaking, top-notch nature-inspired images against charcoal gray walls expertly illuminated by specialized task lights. This carefully crafted ambiance allows each artwork to leap off the wall, capturing the attention of spectators who move leisurely through the space. Visitors often pause at each photograph, allowing the imagery to transport them, as if they were physically present within the scenic landscapes.

The appearance of a framed Acrylic face-mount or Chromaluxe metal print when framed is magnificent

The subtleties of the gallery setting work mysteriously but effectively. As you explore the curated artworks, a connection is forged—a deep, almost mystical bond that allows Mother Nature to touch your soul. The deliberate design, lighting, and placement of these Luxury Fine Art Nature pieces create an immersive experience, inviting visitors to envision these stunning masterpieces gracing the walls of their own homes. The allure is undeniable—who can resist the idea of bringing the beauty of nature into their living spaces through these captivating and impeccably presented artworks?

Gallery pricing. Embarking on the journey to own a piece of Limited Edition fine art from renowned photographer Peter Lik demands a starting investment of approximately $4,000.00 for a 40x13" print, totaling 520 square inches. While this may be deemed a considerable investment for a modestly sized artwork, especially in the realm of high-end gallery-style Luxury art acrylic prints, it is consistent with the standard pricing observed at Lik's franchise galleries. Despite the hefty price tag, these exquisite creations are finding new homes at an impressive pace, resonating profoundly with art enthusiasts who appreciate and seek out the exceptional quality and captivating essence that defines Lik's distinguished portfolio.

Utah's Spectacular Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon | Brilliant Sunset over the Colorado River - Luxury Edition Fine Art Nature Prints

CURATED LUXURY EDITION print - A gorgeous sunset at the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River near Page Arizona. Many regard this as the official gateway of the Grand Canyon despite the fact it is technically still part of Glen Canyon. This is one of the most dramatic natural landscape scenes in the great American Southwest.


My acknowledgement of Peter Lik's photographic artworks stems from my initial encounter with the artist around 2010 when the Weather Channel aired a captivating series featuring him. This television program marked a pivotal moment for me, being the first of its kind to offer an insider's perspective into the world I cherish—capturing nature's ever-evolving moments. Witnessing a fellow photographic artist, deeply passionate and unafraid to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of Mother Nature, was both refreshing and inspiring. Lik's candid expressions, especially during less-than-ideal lighting or weather conditions, resonated deeply with me and echoed the sentiments of the various photographer friends I've collaborated with over the years.

Believe me, I've had my fair share of unga-bunga moments, navigating the unpredictable and dynamic nature of the outdoor photography field. The Weather Channel program authentically portrayed the behind-the-scenes, blue-collar work ethic inherent in the craft of a dedicated nature photographer. The challenges and triumphs depicted mirrored my own experiences and those of the talented individuals I've had the privilege to work alongside, further solidifying my connection to Lik's approach and reinforcing my commitment to capturing the genuine essence of nature's fleeting moments.

As I became more familiar with his brand, I also found numerous published articles Some were rather harsh. I found one article claiming to have exposed a scheme that he's "artificially" inflating his own market. In addition, the news media published some boisterous claims (by the photographer) that have made him a lightning rod for harsh critiques. In his own words, they claimed he's said to be the world’s "most famous photographer, the most sought-after photographer, the most awarded photographer."

Undoubtedly, Peter Lik has earned a place among the most renowned photographers of all time, although he may not yet boast the universal recognition akin to household names like Ansel Adams. In my personal perspective, the notion of singling out any individual as the world's best photographer seems inherently challenging. While Lik's fame and achievements are indisputable, the realm of photography is vast and diverse, with numerous talented artists contributing their unique visions.

In my exploration of accolades and sought-after photographers through Google searches, the elusive title of the world's best photographer remains unclaimed. The subjective nature of artistic preference and the multitude of styles and genres in photography make it virtually impossible to declare any single artist as the unequivocal pinnacle of the craft. Appreciating and acknowledging the contributions of various photographers across different periods and disciplines is crucial in recognizing the rich tapestry that defines the world of photography.


There are so many unique genres' of photography. In each photographic genre, there are hundreds of exceptionally skilled photographers, making it impossible to declare a single individual as the world's best. Notably, within the niche of Luxury Fine Art, a selective community of photographers is crafting awe-inspiring artworks that rival the best in the field. What's noteworthy is that many top-tier photographers share a common thread—they rely on museum-grade Acrylic prints and collaborate with specialized print labs to bring their visions to life. It's essential to recognize that the use of high-end Acrylic print media is not exclusive to any particular photographer, including Peter Lik.

Considerable alternatives, offering comparable photographic elegance and quality, exist within this dynamic realm. What sets them apart is not just their artistic prowess but also their commitment to utilizing the finest print media and technologies available. As a prospective buyer, the choice ultimately hinges on personal taste and the connection forged with both the artwork and the photographic artist. Art, being inherently subjective, allows for a diverse range of preferences. My advice is to choose artworks that resonate with you the most, as they will become a regular part of your visual landscape. This way, you ensure that the artwork not only meets your aesthetic standards but also provides enduring pleasure in the long term.

Sugar Hill New Hampshire | Abstract Lupine Meadow Fine Art Luxury Edition Nature Photography Prints by Thomas Schoeller

CURATED LUXURY EDITION PRINT - This is a Lupine meadow abstract, photographed on a misty morning near Sugar Hill New Hampshire. The soft, pastel appearance was the result of multiple exposures taken on the same image file.


Commercial art galleries have often painted nature photography with an unwarranted negative brush. In a specific article, Peter Lik's works were even described as "banal," with the additional claim that they are "barely recognized by the art establishment." This statement, in my view, is far from accurate, as Lik's works are anything but banal. In fact, I admire Lik for challenging the elitist system dominated by snooty commercial art galleries.

Peter Lik's defiance of the establishment has played a pivotal role in breaking down barriers within the genre of fine art nature landscape photography. He has not only garnered recognition but has also paved the way for other photographers to navigate beyond the confines imposed by the self-appointed art establishment. It might be more apt to assert that "fine art nature and landscape photographers barely recognize the legitimacy of the self-appointed art establishment." This shift challenges the outdated stereotypes and encourages a more inclusive acknowledgment of the diverse and impactful contributions made by photographers in this genre.

Interwoven Sensual Flowing Lines and Patterns of Vibrant Emerald Corn Lilies Form Abstract Patterns | Luxury Edition Fine Art Prints

Interwoven Corn Lily leaves form sensual gentle flowing lines and abstract patterns, interrupted only by water droplets collected from airborne mist. Soft diffused lighting allows the vibrant emerald green leaves to appear as though they are glowing from within. This virtual perennial herb is a Garden of Eden that has an intoxicating beauty, much like that of the forbidden fruit, as they produce steroidal alkaloids.

Finding a tightly clustered patch of Corn Lilies, also known as Veratrum, is like finding a little piece of heaven!

From my perspective, Lik has elevated the benchmark for contemporary fine art photography within the exclusive realm of Luxury Nature Photography. His creations, perhaps pioneering the classification of "Luxury" artworks in the public eye, have undeniably set a new standard for market value in this high-end niche. Fortunately, this transformation has ushered in a profound shift in the art landscape, as Fine Art Nature photography is experiencing a surge in popularity among both art enthusiasts and seasoned collectors. I always say, fine art nature photographers may compete against one another to some degree for getting eyes on their beautiful works, but we are never adversaries. We are a unique group of people with the same reverence for nature, experiencing it, and sharing our personal inspiration for the final artwork ready for the wall.

Lik's influence extends beyond his individual works, shaping the perception of nature photography as an esteemed and collectible form of art. By establishing a sense of luxury around his creations, he has contributed to the broader acceptance and appreciation of this genre. The once-niche market has blossomed into a flourishing space where nature photography is celebrated as a legitimate and sought-after category by an ever-growing audience of art lovers and connoisseurs alike. This paradigm shift reflects the evolving tastes and preferences of a discerning art community that recognizes the intrinsic value of capturing the beauty of nature through the lens of fine art nature photographers!

Rustic Flathead Valley Red Montana Ranch Barn Bathed in Soft Golden Side Light | Fine Art Big Sky Prints For sale

I had a wonderful opportunity while shooting in Montana's Flathead Valley to photograph this charismatic red barn bathed in golden sidelight juxtaposed to imposing winter storm clouds. Snow covered Doris Ridge is visible looming in the background shadowed by the dark cloud cover.

While the aforementioned published article dismissed the rumored sale of a contemporary Lik photographic art that was sold in the millions of dollars, they sure have caused quite a buzz amongst many nature & landscape photographers. I tend to object to any harsh criticism aimed at him by fellow photographers, and I look at is as being jealous of his success. My point being, there is an unrealized gain that has given a boost to an entire nature loving band of rogue outdoors photographers. Large format nature photography has become widely accepted and very popular as an expression of art.

Clearly, this is an art niche' with plenty of room to grow. There are just about 579 million people that reside on the North American continent. Although I've never done a survey, I'll assume there are far less than a few thousand photographers who's specialty is high resolution, large format fine art nature imagery. That's a huge number of structures with rooms that have empty wall spaces just begging to be filled.

Glimmering sunbeams are captured as steam rises off the mirror-like surface of Bench lake | Mt Rainier Luxury Edition Fine Art photography for sale

Curated LUXURY EDITION - On a chilly morning high up in MRNP, steam rises off the calm mirror like surface of Bench Lake - capturing the sun's glimmering rays to create beautiful sunbeams.


In my exploration of various photographic artists' websites within the nature and landscapes genre, I conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis, focusing on traditional sizes in the same Acrylic media style. The findings were enlightening as I discovered a diverse collection of exceptionally talented photographers and styles, particularly among the 200+ select artists utilizing Wide Range Gallery websites. What reassures me is that my pricing aligns closely with the average across the entire spectrum of common sizes, positioning me in a balanced and competitive position.

Consider another perspective: the high-end galleries I mentioned earlier pricing their 40" x 13" Limited Editions starting around $4,000.00, covering just 520 square inches. In contrast, my artworks, utilizing the same print media (Acrylic) but sized at 66" x 44", are priced slightly below 4K, offering a substantial 2900 square inches of artwork—approximately five times the volume of square inches.

My heart-felt desire is for art buyers to invest in my work because they genuinely love and connect with it. While a select few photographic artists have established high watermarks, the market continually undergoes fluctuations. For those who may find the higher gallery price points unattainable, there exist alternatives that match both archival quality and artistic excellence, rivaling even the most prominent photographers. I confidently stand by my "best artworks" and the creations of many photographers, willing to showcase them alongside any world-famous photographer without hesitation. I hope people will choose my art because it resonates with them on a personal level and genuinely LOVE the piece, and not because they are caught up in the marketing hype of "limited editions".

Luxury Edition Contemporary Fine Art Abstract Photography | Impressionist Glacier National Park Ponderosa Pines

CURATED LUXURY EDITION - Impressionist art created "in camera" using a vertical pan blur technique for a brush-stroke painterly effect. I made this image in a forest dominated by Ponderosa Pine on the Alberta & Montana border.

Some time ago, a potential client reached out to me via my website, seeking New England-themed artworks in the form of Acrylic glass pieces. Having visited a prestigious photography gallery with his entire family while on a layover in Las Vegas, they were captivated by the experience and were eager to acquire a statement piece. After arranging a call to discuss their preferences, I naturally inquired about the specific gallery that had left such a lasting impression. As it turned out, the remarkable gallery they visited was a Lik franchise gallery.

Pepe's Cafe in historic Key West Florida | Vintage Americana Fine Art Caroline Street prints by Thomas Schoeller

This painterly imagery depicts a vintage "Main Street USA" theme. Old Town is the historic district of Key West Florida, also known as the Conch Republic. I was captivated by the rustic charm and character contained within this section of Key West. When viewing the Pepe's Café artwork, you will notice the purposefully intended use of a subtly applied "texture layer" which enhances my unique vision and artistic inspiration of the scene - exactly as I experienced it.

This is one of my all-time best selling artworks! I've received wonderful feedback from clients with regards to the painterly appearance of this unique artwork

I must admit, I was both thrilled and humbled to be regarded as a viable alternative to someone as prominent as Lik, a renowned contemporary photographer. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, albeit a bit nerve-wracking—no pressure, right? Without the grandeur of a massive brick-and-mortar gallery or public recognition, I pondered whether it was a dream come true or a potential brick wall looming just over the horizon.

Despite some initial nervousness - and my attempt to "soften the landing," anticipating they might opt for the gallery, things unfolded quite nicely. They chose to acquire (2) 45x30" acrylic prints from me, spending approximately the same amount as they would for a single 40x13" print from the other gallery. In their post-purchase reflection, they acknowledged that the higher gallery pricing did in fact play a role in their decision. However, the ultimate choice was driven by their profound connection to my artwork, which they believed truly captured the essence of New England. While many photographers strive to emulate Lik's work, my bond with photographing the New England region predates Lik's presence here, becoming ingrained in my DNA over time. My photography experience in the region expands prior to 1985.

Since that experience, I've encountered several similar instances where potential buyers explore multiple online artist galleries before reaching out. It remains an honor and privilege each time I am considered, and I extend a warm welcome to every prospective buyer. Whether it's a $7500.00 acrylic piece or a $275.00 photo print, I am committed to delivering the same level of customer service and attention to detail.

Turquoise Waters of McDonald Creek carves a path through the mysterious forest of Glacier National Park | Luxury Fine Art Montana Prints For sale

Curated LUXURY EDITION - A subtle yet undeniably stunning scenic from the rocky rivers edge of McDonald Creek in Montana's Glacier National Park. During the photography session, I removed myself far from human presence to a location along the creek just below Heavens Peak to create this composition. The gentle S-curve of the river, with its luminous turquois tones and deep mysterious forest awaited my visit.


Let's delve into the intricate concept of Luxury Fine Art Photography—a phrase that draws parallels with other refined luxury items like automobiles, resorts, luggage, and accessories such as Rolex watches or genuine Gucci bags. Much like these high-end products, luxury art commands a higher price point, offering superior quality and, in certain instances, a sense of exclusivity that preserves its value. This elevated status often comes hand in hand with a heightened level of customer service, emphasizing that in the realm of luxury, quality consistently trumps quantity.

Luxury Fine Art Photography represents a significant elevation within the photographic art genre. It not only entails the use of the finest available print media but also places paramount importance on the meticulous details within the photographic art. The choice of equipment used for capturing the image files is crucial, especially considering that these artworks are destined for very large prints. Any errors made during the photographic process become glaringly visible, as not all photographs are created equal. Serious collectors of photographic art have exacting standards—they demand superior quality and anticipate receiving a carefully crafted motif rather than a mere snapshot. This resonates with the adage among photographers: "Everything looks great on a camera phone screen. Now show it to me as a large print."

The photographer's role extends beyond the initial capture of the image; it involves employing proper techniques to ensure optimal exposure. Subsequently, the image files undergo meticulous processing, subjecting them to scrutiny by magnifying the image to 100% or even 200%. This intensive review examines every pixel, assessing factors such as tonal range, highlights, shadows, sharpness, noise, and chromatic aberrations. The post-processing stage is an intricate endeavor, undertaken to guarantee that the final image can be viewed at a large scale and radiate magnificence. Luxury Fine Art Photography is not a proprietary phrase exclusive to any individual photographer, irrespective of their claims—it embodies a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting the discerning standards of refined luxury buyers.

Brilliant backlit Aspen grove blaze in their stunning autumn colors near the Snowmass Wilderness surrounding Maroon Lake | Luxury Edition Colorado Fine Art


A dense grove of Aspens, backlit by the morning sun show off their blazing autumn golds, yellows and orange foliage near Snowmass Wilderness, Aspen Colorado.

Transitioning to the realm of high-end gallery-style prints, the epitome of print media sophistication lies in Acrylic glass prints. Renowned for their extraordinary, almost 3D depth and a radiant "back-lit" glow, these prints have earned their place as the crème de la crème. The distinctive style of this print media has garnered attention, particularly due to its prevalence in Lik's franchise art galleries. During a visit to Vegas many years back, I was invited for a special "darkroom" viewing experience by a knowledgeable sales associate. The expertly curated lighting in these rooms is skillfully employed to showcase the acrylic face-mounted artworks' remarkable ability to capture and manipulate ambient light, creating the illusion of a captivating backlit effect. This awe-inspiring encounter sets Luxury Fine Art Photography galleries apart from their commercial counterparts, emphasizing the unparalleled quality of the contemporary acrylic glass print media.


This photo was sent from a collector in Phoenix, Arizona that procured this 42" x 84" TruLife® acrylic face-mount of "Gatekeeper". They had the piece framed locally at "The Art Of Framing".

The finest acrylic print specialists, often referred to as print masters, utilize premium photo papers such as FujiFlex, LexJet Metallic-Pearl, and Lumachrome. These papers are specifically designed for acrylic glass face-mounting, further elevating the attributes of this unparalleled print media.

Contrary to popular belief, the acrylic print media style is not solely associated with Peter Lik; in fact it is not exclusive to any artist. It's more accurate to acknowledge that the general public has become acquainted with acrylic prints through exposure in his high-profile art galleries. This insight was shared with me by the master printers I collaborate with for my acrylic pieces. While acrylic glass face-mounted prints have been in existence for a considerable period, advancements in print technologies have significantly enhanced their legendary status as the pinnacle of fine art print media. Today, many photographic artists offer the opportunity to acquire artworks directly, eliminating the gallery markup. These artists specialize in producing high-end large-format acrylic prints, delivering exceptional value and presenting awe-inspiring nature scenes.

Deep Dark Great Smoky Mountains NP Forest Luxury Edition Fine Art Prints | Middle Prong of Little River Tremont

LUXURY EDITION - This was one of the first locations I composed while working in Great Smoky Mountain National Park in late April of '22. It's one of my personal favorites, the scenery immediately transforms into a dark mysterious forest the moment you turn into Tremont off Little River road.

It's such a diverse and lush rainforest environment, the luminous emerald green moss and translucent mist overcome your senses with peaceful harmonious feelings.


In conclusion, the paramount decision when investing in exquisite fine art nature photography prints is to select the artworks that resonate with you on a profound level. Focus on the beauty, wow factor, and aesthetics that will bring undeniable value into your home. Resist the urge to fixate on collectability - or the perceived scarcity of limited editions, which may not necessarily enhance the artwork's value as wall décor. Whether it's a 1970s 1 of 9 print, or a contemporary masterpiece, prioritize your personal connection and the joy it brings on a daily basis. Revel in the positive reactions from friends and family as they appreciate the stunning imagery adorning your space. When you're ready to explore a collection of competitively priced, quality-guaranteed fine art, I warmly invite you to peruse my galleries.

It's important to note that any mention of various art galleries or artists is strictly for reference, and I am not affiliated with or work for any of them. There is no association with any gallery or artist mentioned in this article.

Tower Bridge is one of Bryce Canyons prettiest natural Arches photographed against a high-desert sunset sky | Luxury Edition Fine Art Prints

LUXURY EDITION - A pair of looming hoodoo's are conjoined in the center to form a natural arch. This magnificent feature, perhaps one of the most intriguing in Bryce Canyon is known as the Tower bridge.