Intimate Landscape Nature & Small Scenes | Fine Art Photography For Sale

Intimate Landscapes and small scenes are a true photographic passion for me. While a grand landscape captures the magnificence and grandeur of the scene, drawing their force from the sheer magnitude of the elements - the intimate landscape focuses on smaller unique aspects of that scene and extracts them from the wider view.

Eliot Porter was a huge influence when I first began to study the art of photography. He was a pioneer, and perhaps, his works allowed color photography to be acknowledged as a genre of fine art. To this day his approach to searching for and photographing smaller intimate scenes has been the single most important factor in my own personal style. It allows me to seek out and photograph scenes that no other photographer has set eyes on.

Many of the images in this collection are part of a curated Luxury Edition. For each Luxury Edition, I'll mail out a signed Certificate of Authenticity with a serial number separately in a custom folder for storage, and also enclose a tamper proof hologram serial number to place on a lower corner on the back side of the artwork