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8/27/2023: It Was Only A Matter Of Time - Vermont Roads Closing During Foliage Season

This certainly is news worthy, albeit doesn't have anything to do directly with Thomas Schoeller Photography. So let's get to it. We can add yet another photogenic scenic road in Vermont to the growing list of byways being restricted to local residents only. All of this is a direct result of social media, which has led to a trend known as "trophy hunting". I've seen this phenomena develop rapidly over the past 10 years to the point of ridiculousness. Around 2017, this ugly trend had become repulsive. Aside from the impolite tourist taking up the entire width of the road, and they leave trash along the edges of private property.   

Peak Autumn Foliage in Pomfret Vermont at the Iconic Sleepy Hollow Farm | Open Edition Photographic Fine Art prints by Thom Schoeller

Open Edition Print - One of Vermont's most iconic visions is the Sleepy Hollow Farm in the tiny Hamlet of Pomfret. This is the alternative version of the artwork titled "Sleepy Hollow" as it is composed as a traditional horizontal.

Available to be licensed for magazines, calendars, puzzles, and can be purchased as a gorgeous fine art print.

The latest road restriction is Cloudland Rd. in Pomfret, a narrow unpaved sliver of county that eventually leads to the Sleepy Hollow farm. I've photographed this quintessential New England scenic many times over the years dating back almost 2 decades. It wasn't all that long ago that this location was known only by serious photographers. We'd all be in place at the crack of dawn to catch the first golden shafts of sunlight. We were in and out of there well before the locals ever woke up. 

It was a rare occurrence indeed to encounter locals passing through as we all worked the scene. In fact, I had a brief discussion with a local Woodstock VT resident the last morning I was here. He told me "it used to be just a handful of people like yourself, professionals with tripods. They were quiet, respectful, they came and left with just pictures and you never even knew it. Now LOOK at this! They walk the road for a quarter mile - all day long - with smart phones just for quick snapshots as though this is a bucket list destination."  

I myself haven't returned since 2018. On that morning, it didn't take long for the masses of tourist armed primarily with iPhones, to stream in and take their obligatory "selfies" to satisfy their narcissistic appetite for Instagram and TikTok likes and follows. To be honest, I saw this coming a long time ago. I won't name names but the largest influences contributing to an out-of-hand situation has been a list of Facebook groups dedicated to New England "fall foliage" and photographs in general. I've left ALL of the groups that require members to treat the posts more as a "news report" and provide specific location, and even the time & date so others can "see where and when the foliage is happening." So much for the artistic value of the photograph, right! 

I've linked (2) informative articles to my notes above for further reading!!  

8/14/2023: Autumn 2023 Art Show Event! The Litchfield CT Art Festival - Sept. 23-24th 2023

Hi again! I've got some HOT news just in off the press.. I've been juried in to the 3rd annual Fall Litchfield Art Festival that is a 2-day art fair. It takes place on September 23-24th, from 10 am through 5 pm daily! We'll be erecting my "travel friendly" Art Gallery right in the center of historic Litchfield CT., on the premises of the old First Congregational Church of Litchfield. I'll be just one of nearly 75 artist on hand at their own display spaces.

This is an outstanding art fair, and a highlight for local residents and art buyers alike. It features a wide variety of artist spacing several genres of works including functional and non-functional art. A few years back I had fond memories of the summer Art Fair that had been held right on the Village green. Litchfield is such a great location for art shows, and I'm glad that the Voice Of Art (sponsor) has resurrected a nicely organized and well advertised event.

Directions: The art show booths will be set up at 21 Torrington Rd., Litchfield CT. You can't miss the towering church steeple as you enter town! View the Google Map.. There is ample parking all around the village and right on the Green. If you get hungry for a bite to eat, we have an exceptional array of places to enjoy right in town. Click here to see Where To Eat In Litchfield.   

The Litchfield Art Festival Event | Held Twice Annually In Litchfield CT - Thomas Schoeller Photography Artist

As always, it's impossible for me to display ALL of my artworks in a 10x10' space. That being said, I'll have my iPAD on hand if you wish to view my website.. WE can also take orders for print sizes we don't have at the art fair as well. We'll have a nice assortment of loose Photo Prints (unmounted) as well as Matted prints in the bins. In addition, for the 1st time in over a decade, I'll be making 5x7" bi-fold Photo Framed Note Cards available to purchase.

I hope to see ya there!!

8-03-2023: New Milford Ct. Art Show a Success! Hoping I'm Not Too Late For The Next One

Back in June 2023, I posted a quick not about the upcoming Fine Art Fair taking place in historic New Milford on the village green July 29, 2023. Despite the oppressively heat and humidity, arguably the most intense heat index we've seen in the state throughout the summer, the show was a success and quite fun. I sold 9 pieces between 11 am and 3:30 pm, and I've continued to sell to various booth visitors that grabbed my business cards.

One regret I had was, I underestimated the popularity of bin work - that being matted & un-matted photo prints at Art Fairs.  To my surprise, they nearly wiped me out of all my mounted & matted photo prints I packed in. That is my own fault, not taking advantage of the freedom the Art fairs provide by making media styles available that I ordinarily wouldn't make available here on my website.


That being said, I'm already working on replenishing and adding quite a few more options for the next Fine Art Fair. Speaking of next Art Fairs, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not too late to get juried into the upcoming Litchfield Art Festival / Fall that is scheduled to take place September 23-24th, 2023 from 10 am through 5 pm in beautiful Litchfield, CT.  This is yet another Art Fair that is convenient for myself, and they do a nice job marketing to art buyers. I did email off the event application, however my primary concern is did I make it before each of the booth spaces was fulfilled.

I'll keep ya'll posted as this moves forward. Oh, and hey, if you don't already follow me on my Facebook Page, now is a good time to do it! Just click the link here >>  Thomas Schoeller Fine Art Photography Facebook Page

6/9/2023: Summer Art Show Event! New Milford CT. Arts Festival - July 29, 2023

I will be in attendance with my "mobile" Fine Art gallery at this years New Milford Arts Festival to be held on July 29, 2023. The Artists display tents will be set up on the historic Main Street Village Green.  The Art Festival begins at 10:30 am and will run continuously through 5 pm. I'll be exhibiting my own artworks along side 49 other talented artist that specialize in several unique genre's of art. This is an EXCELLENT location for an art fair of this size, to be surrounded by the ambience and charm of a quintessential New England village and it's iconic Gazebo!  

The town of New Milford was a huge inspiration for the Gilmore Girls show writer Sherman Palladino for imagining the fictional town "Stars Hollow". He mentioned in an interview "At the time I was there, it was beautiful, it was magical, and it was feeling of warmth and small-town camaraderie."  I'm including a photo from my portfolio below of the New Milford Village Green all dressed up for the Holiday season.


For GPS travel directions, simply use the address of the New Milford Town Hall, which is 10 Main St. There is ample parking around town (behind the post office on Main St, and a large parking lot on Railroad St), all within one minute or less from the show! Also, I encourage you to try any of the numerous restaurants within a short walk of the art show to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner while you are in town. 


I plan on including a nice variety of my imagery on my display walls for this art show, and will have all of my print media options available to view. Keep in mind, to maximize the efficiency of my artist exhibit I will be exhibiting artworks in sizes ranging from 12" x 18" - 16" x 24" - 20" x 30" - 24" x 36" and just a few larger pieces. If you love any of the smaller pieces in my exhibit, we can order ANY artwork as a larger size in a variety of media styles AT THE ART FAIR. In fact, I'm offering art buyers a 10% off Coupon Code to use for any special orders placed (size & media style not in stock) while at this event.

Any prints you order at the art fair from Thomas Schoeller Photography, I'll pay for the delivery fees to any USA address.

Christmas Morning in New Milford CT | A snowy festive scene from the downtown village featuring the decorated bandstand

Christmas Morning is another popular artwork, depicting a heartwarming scene of New Milford Connecticut's classic downtown village photographed on Christmas morning at around 5:30 am with all the festive lights on.

This is a wider panoramic version (2:1 aspect) of the artwork titled "Home For The Holidays" including more details of the village. New Milford's quaint downtown has been a beloved home for past and present residents and families, and this artwork makes a wonderful gift idea that will last for decades. This image has wonderfully sharp details, and allows the viewer to feel as though they were standing right there on New Milford's festive green!


03-04-2023: Exhibiting My Works at The Gallery at Kent Art Association - Kent, CT.

I'm excited to announce that I'll be exhibiting some of my work at the Photography Show beginning April 14th at "The Galley at Kent Art Association" → Located at 21 S. Main St., Kent Connecticut.

the Gallery at Kent Art Association is located in Kent, Connecticut - Thomas Schoeller shares the position Director of Photography

The photography exhibit lasts until May 7th. Gallery visiting hours are: Thursdays - Saturdays from 1 pm to 5 pm, and Sundays from Noon through 4 pm.

Additional 2023 Exhibits: Following the spring photography show, I'll next be entered into the Spring Juried Art Show, also held at The Gallery at Kent Art Association beginning on May 11th, and of course, I'll be entering a few different Fine Art Nature & Landscape photography artworks from what I had exhibited in the Photography only show. 

10-15-2021: My Brand New Website!

I'm thrilled to announce that my brand new WideRange Gallery website has finally been launched! A website platform of this magnitude is something I've dreamed of for quite some time. I've used various template-based photography/fine art oriented sites over the years. Each of them has proved not to be useful or impractical in some form or another. The most expensive of the bunch was hands down the most problematic. 

After many years of using each of those website platforms, I decided it was time to call on WideRange galleries to build my custom website for me. I now have a responsive, top-tier and professional presentation that is user friendly for visitors. My only resentment is not moving forward to WideRange a few years sooner. I hope you enjoy your visit to my new website, and if you have any questions feel free to CONTACT me!

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