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My name is Thom Schoeller and I thank you for taking an interest in my fine art nature & landscape imagery. I split time between Connecticut's scenic Litchfield Hills & western Montana's Seeley Lake as my home base. My specialty is large format, gallery-quality fine art prints known as Luxury Art. Each ready-to-hang custom made piece is carefully hand crafted to order specs.

Photographer Thomas Schoeller On Location at Second Beach | Olympic National Park Sunset

When you invest in premium quality fine art imagery from me, you are not simply acquiring ink on paper. It is the experience you'll enjoy over a lifetime, each and every time you view the piece. Distinctive Luxury Fine Art museum grade media styles not only bring beauty into your home, but also bring a lasting measure of value & prestige.

I've been blessed with a loyal following of art collectors and connoisseurs that have procured my works over the last 2 decades. I look forward to continuously adding new clients that connect with both myself and my artworks. My imagery is hanging in homes & offices and both public and private collections throughout the USA, Canada, parts of Europe, and Australia. A few noteworthy installations of my works are the UConn Health - John Dempsey inpatient care center in Farmington Connecticut, the Yale-New Haven Hospital Art wing, the Cottage Hospital public art gallery in Woodford New Hampshire, the SUNY Whiteface Hall in Plattsburg New York, and McConnel Air force base in Kansas.


Many of the artworks in the curated galleries on my site are available to purchase as Luxury Edition Fine Art prints. I consider them to be my finest pieces, and I offer them in all aspect ratio's on my website. When you click to open any artwork, it will state if it's a Luxury Edition in the description below the image. If it does not, then that artwork is an Open Edition.

For each Luxury Edition fine art print purchased, I'll send you a signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) separately in a folder via mail. Included will be a tamper proof hologram with a serial number matching the COA. Simply affix the hologram on a lower corner on the back side of the artwork. I do this so you have provenance - and proof that you purchased a guaranteed authentic and genuine Thomas Schoeller artwork.

Luxury Edition artwork galleries are just a small portion of the images archived on this website. I've established a Photo Archive where you can search for photographs by specific locations and region. The imagery in the Photo Archives are all available for Commercial Licensing, publication and photo prints. If you wish to obtain prints from the Archives, you can also upgrade to any of the print media styles I've made available for Luxury Editions


If you'd love to Gift a special friend or family member a new Limited or Open Edition artwork, I've made this available for you! Simply click HERE to view my Gift Certificate products page. Gift certificates can be applied towards the purchase of fine art prints, and I've also added (2) to be used exclusively for DSLR Photography Workshops. Fine Art gift certificates come as $100.00, $250.00, $500.00, and $1,000.00 increments.

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I first became serious with cameras and lenses in the early 1980's. At the time, I had just met my soon to be wife Carol. We both enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, and overnight backpacking adventures (not to mention our extended family of cats that we call our kids). Of course, in that era I was shooting analog 35mm film cameras. Google, YouTube videos and other online instructional resources hadn't been born yet. The journey from photo enthusiast to a professional photographer sure had it's share of bumps and potholes. Fortunately, I took advantage of wonderful opportunities to learn directly from experienced pros along the way. For the most part, I'm proud to say I'm primarily a self-taught photographer.

Stunning light shafts illuminate Willaby Falls deep within the Quinault rainforest of Washington's Olympic Peninsula | Limited Edition Artwork of 150


Mesmerizing light shafts penetrate the thick canopy of the Quinault rainforest on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Willaby Falls flows peacefully within a lush gorge surrounded by vibrant emerald ferns and moss.

Like many others, I looked up to and admired some remarkable and notable photographers back in the day. I was deeply inspired by the grand landscapes of David Muench, William Neill, and Galen Rowell. I also was keenly drawn to a particular fascinating style of imagery mastered by one Eliot Porter. That would be the "intimate landscape", and Porter's eye for capturing smaller scenes within the wider landscape probably had the biggest impact on my own personal style to this day.

After several years, I was fortunate to have a handful of my images published by various magazines and calendars here and there. At the time, photographers would have duplicate transparencies made, and we'd mail them off to agencies and publishers for review. Right around 2005 I began getting noticed more consistently online, which led to even more publications. Travel guides, local Connecticut publications, and annual calendars seemed to be frequently happening. By 2008 I had been published in National Geographic's Traveler magazine - then in 2010, Yankee Magazine's annual "25 Best Towns in New England to see Fall Foliage" was published that September. My published images led directly to dozens of interviews by major US media markets. Since then, I've been blessed to have been published in numerous magazines worldwide, licensed an image in November 2014 that was used on the set of the hit CBS TV drama NCIS New Orleans, and my licensed artworks are distributed and sold worldwide by White Mountain Puzzles, Inc. as jig-saw puzzles.


I'm in awe of the overwhelming beauty and power of the universe. When I'm out in nature, in the midst of a vast wild forest, on a stretch of isolated seacoast, or exploring trails high in the mountains of North America - I feel as though it is sacred. It's a deeply spiritual & personal connection, perhaps something as an admirer of fine art nature photography you may connect with and relate to. I feel a part of it, like I belong to it, and the energy is both uplifting and exhilarating. As I cast my gaze over the beauty of the landscape while photographing the scene, its like I'm in my own cathedral. There is a saying I memorized forever that I hold close to me. It reads "Study nature, Love nature, Stay close to nature, It will never fail you."

My personal goal is to try and capture that positive energy and emotion, a feeling of serenity and peace, the very essence of the scene - and convey my personal inspiration to the viewer. Each image is unique onto itself, telling a story and maybe even a shared memory for anyone that may have experienced a trip or visit to a specific region. I'm always excited each time I make a connection with someone that admires my artistic inspirations. That is truly special, even more so if they decide to procure a piece from me.


When I am on a photoshoot, I don't view my approach in the same manner as a photojournalist or sports photographer does. I am a Fine Art Photographer, and in order to capture the infinite detail, long exposure effects, superb lighting, correct tonal range and vivid colors I use advanced techniques. The imagery is very real, I take no liberties to add elements that didn't exist. Oftentimes, while the camera is locked down securely to a sturdy tripod, I'll bracket multiple exposures for increased dynamic range, and extreme focus front to back which is called focus stacking.

I also love to bracket a sequence of exposures during sunrise or sunset events to combine images as the natural lighting rapidly changes, like little slices of time. The results of this technique are processed with painstaking care to achieve breathtaking results. As dawn becomes sunrise, first you'll experience vivid colors in the clouds. Then the sun approaches the horizon, bathing the highest mountain peaks in a light called alpenglow. Finally, there is enough ambient light to illuminate the foreground just perfectly. Each bracketed image is recorded without moving the camera body or tripod a single millimeter. Later from my office during processing, I'll select the best images in the series and carefully blend the most dramatic light to create a single image.


I've been selling my artworks to buyers at a fairly steady volume since 2005. I've moved my online galleries over several website platforms since I began making my artworks available online. The most important features I demand from a website are a user friendly & easy navigation experience, and images with enough web optimized resolution and detail that allow you to feel confident purchasing prints. The details and resolution I'm now able to display online are stunning, no website can top what Wide Range Galleries provides for Luxury Fine Art photographers. Regardless of how awesome they appear on your monitor, there is still no comparison to a fine art print displayed on your walls.

The experience of viewing the artworks live and in person can't be beat. Modern high-end print technologies far exceed where we were just 10 years ago. The premium museum-grade print styles I make available are nearly as close to virtually being there in person. For my curated Luxury Edition series prints, the sizes start with 18" at the longest edge, and depending on the imagery, I have artworks that are available at 72", 84" and 96".


Yes, I do offer "custom" sizes - upon special request. The sizes I've listed for each print media style are by far and away the most popular and traditional. Offering more sizes becomes overwhelming, and complicates the final decision.

However, I'm willing to work directly with you and discuss your needs for providing in-between sizes currently not listed on my site. I will not alter the artworks original aspect ratio or make crops. Please CONTACT me directly and provide me with as much information as possible.


When you're ready to procure artworks from me, you can expect world-class customer service and nothing less. I've worked with clients in the private residential sector as well as commercial and large scale installations. I can assist you with deciding which is the right artwork, the best size for your space, and the appropriate print styles for your unique budget.


Please scroll down to read all about my order Turnaround Times, S/H fees, Damage during Shipping policies, Return Policies and my Quality Guarantee. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me using the Contact form.






I've had a number of collectors over the years that have reached out to me to provide feedback and share their excitement when their new artworks arrive, and are installed in their home. We update the page and add new testimonials and comments about 3x per year. If you'd like to read them → CLICK HERE