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You may have some questions before procuring artwork here from my virtual art gallery. Whether its a large scale interior design project, or you're searching for the perfect accent piece or large motif for the home or office.

This page is dedicated to the most commonly asked questions people have about the artwork and media styles. Additionally, I've included important details regarding my business practices, best lighting to illuminate the artworks, custom size options and more. If you don't find the answers to your questions here, I'd be thrilled to take your questions directly. Simply use the Contact form and I'll respond to your questions as soon as I possibly can.

Do I Offer Alternative Print Media Options for LIMITED EDITION Prints?

Artworks offered as "LIMITED EDITIONS" are inclusive of my very best work. They are strictly available in the 4 premium gallery-quality print styles, and not available smaller than 24" on the long edge. These media formats will always appear by default whenever you click a photo to view. Full media style details are available to read here in THE PRINTS.

Cost Effective Alternatives for Open Editions | Photo archives

My Limited Edition & Curated Collections make up just a portion of the photos available on my site. If you scroll down to the very last gallery titled "PHOTO ARCHIVES - OPEN EDITION & STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY", you'll see I'm sorting open edition photos and good quality photos suitable for commercial, publication or stock photography. All of the images in the "Photo Archives" collections can also be purchased as prints.

If you are not seeking a high-end museum grade print media, I have many good quality cost effective print media alternatives to choose from for general décor purposes. Here's a sample of some alternative print formats..

· Endura Pro Photo paper comes in a Satin/Lustre reduced glare finish. Endura Pro is an archival quality print paper that offers brilliant vibrancy a detail. It's a favorite photo paper and a top choice for many professional photographers. Sizes are: 8x12"-10x15"- and 12x18"

· Mounted photos on sturdy Gallery Board Display Panels - come ready to hang immediately, with foam spacers on the back and a hanging system. The edging is a nice dark charcoal gray. If you prefer, these can also be placed into a frame, and no custom cut mat or glass covering is required! Smaller gallery board mounted prints up to 30" at the widest end come 3/16" thickness standard - and all larger sizes ship out at a full 1/2" thickness.

These mounted prints are lightweight and rigid, however, not as durable as any of my museum-grade print media options. They do offer a nice bang for the buck.

As a comparative example, a 30x20" Gallery Board Display mount costs just $365.00. The same sized Wood Floater Plaq costs $695.00, Aluma-Mounts costs $795.00, and Lumachrome Tru-Life Acrylic costs $1200.00.

· Canvas prints (by request only) are an option for Open Edition prints only. All canvas pieces ship ready to hang immediately, with hanging wire installed on the reverse side. The thickness of the stretcher bars may vary depending on the print size (large prints over 36" are 1.5" thickness).

The canvas comes with a reduced glare satin finish, and a natural "mirrored edge" treatment. Some people really love canvas prints. Canvas is not considered a museum-grade premium print media, however, they are affordable and a good option for general wall décor needs. For price comparisons, a 30 x 20" Canvas is $500.00. The same sized Wood Floater Plaq costs $695.00, Aluma-Mounts costs $795.00, and Lumachrome Tru-Life Acrylic costs $1200.00.

I admit, they look exceptionally nice with painterly artworks and old vintage barns as subjects. I have a print master that provides me with very nice quality canvas prints.

I also offer smaller print sizes for anything in the Open Edition collections, such as 15 x 10" 18 x 12" and 19 x 13". Be sure to contact me and I'll be happy to review those options with you.

How To Place An Order Online

Its super simple, just click on any artwork you love in the galleries and scroll down beneath the artwork description. Each media style has its own brief description, and a menu that shows the available sizes and pricing. Payments are safe & secure and are completed via PayPal or Stripe banking methods.

If you are participating in my VIP Customer Loyalty Rewards program with tiered discounts, or ordering in large volume, you'll need to contact me so I can generate a customized invoice. Most large volume orders are acquired via certified bank check before we process the order.


The answer is a resounding yes! I only offer frameless mounted floats here on my website, but both of these print media styles can easily be placed in an external frame as soon as you unpack them, and bring the artwork to your local framing gallery. * Note that Wood Floater Plaq's are NOT intended to be framed *

Sometimes a simple Floater-frame makes a great external frame choice for an Acrylic glass or Aluma-Mount piece


No. Choosing a frame, liner, and mat color for a photo print is always best to experience in person after you take ownership of the artwork. This way, you can bring photos of your furnishings, or match with fabric swatches to pick up colors in your décor style. I recommend bringing your new photo print to a local qualified art framing gallery.


Yes. It's possible to order my artworks in custom sizes that are not visible on my website. If you have a specific area you are working with, I'm open to listening to your ideas and help make your interior design vision come to life. Please use the Contact form to reach out to me. Provide as much detail as you can think of.


This is a GREAT question. The proper illumination of my large format pieces in your home makes an impactful difference. The richness and vivid colors and details really come to life when combined with the best possible lighting methods. A great solution is if you can install simple track lighting on the ceiling. If you already have a track that accepts low voltage 2-pin socket bulbs, you can purchase SoLux Bulbs which are a terrific solution. As a good rule of thumb, place the light source at a 30 degree angle to the center of the artwork.

Traditional ceiling mounted track lights using LED or So Lux bulbs work wonderfully

Another great option are ceiling mounted accent lights. Sometimes they are recessed and other applications are surface mounted fixtures. The same method of directing the source at a 30 degree angle works best. The light source should not be harsh, and a 4000K neutral white bulb won't cast a warm or cool color temperature on the artwork.

A lighting solution by Perfect Art Lights that can illuminate my work using existing ceiling cans. Note the angle.

Otherwise, traditional screw-in track bulbs, or even ceiling mounted recessed lights will accept LED bulbs. With LED's, the artwork can truly be seen and appreciated as it was intended. Its imperative to know and understand that the highest quality light you can directly illuminate your new artwork with makes a significant difference in the impactful nature of the media styles best features. My artwork above, titled LIQUID RAINBOW is illuminated by a ceiling mounted recessed can light with a fixture available through PerfectArtLights.com To read our thorough article on properly illuminating my artworks, please click HERE.


The simple answer is no, I do not. The art of B&W photography is captivating and classic, however, the average person does not understand that an effective B&W art print begins IN CAMERA during the photo session. A communicable B&W (also known as monochrome) artwork relies on a distinctive level of contrast between light tones and deep black shadows.

Beautiful full color nature imagery captured with modern professional equipment are known for their expressive details in shadowy areas (high dynamic range capabilities) and rich, vivid colors that express moods. Simply using photo editing software to quickly convert a full color over to a B&W will result in a relatively flat, lifeless image. Any artworks here in my virtual web gallery that are offered as B&W were intended to be processed as a B&W artwork. High contrast lighting succeeds in B&W where muted shades tend to fizzle.

I will not compromise the integrity of my work and put my name on it just to accommodate inappropriate request.


FREE DELIVERY - For all prints delivered to USA Lower 48 state destinations. I am able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada at reasonable rates. For International destinations, please inquire for a delivery quote before you place an order. If you try to place an order online to any country outside of the USA, the order will be placed on hold until we receive payment for delivery. You will be sent an invoice separately.

· Photo Prints (not mounted) are quickest and usually take about 9-12 working days to arrive once we confirm your order.

· Wood Float Plaq's Are hand-crafted in a smaller "specialty" style lab. The turn-around times do take a little longer, expect about 21-28 working days to arrive once I confirm the order.

Aluma-Mount Gallery Floats and all Acrylic Glass face-Mount Gallery Floats May take 14 - 21 working days to arrive after I confirm your order.

Large quantity | Shipping Crates Required for mounted artworks (acrylic, Aluma-mount & Wood float Plaqs) require special hand-crafted shipping crates to safely transport the artworks. Delivery for USA destinations is still free, however, the hand-crafted crates fitted to the order are separate from shipping agent fees and incur an extra cost. For all bulk quantity orders, its always best to Contact us first.


No worries, you're covered. Per shipping agent requirements, you'll need to contact me within 36 hours of the artwork arriving at your destination, and take good CLEAR pictures of the damage (including the damage to shipping container) Once it is approved by my print master, a replacement will be sent out at no additional charge. For more detailed information on this click HERE and scroll down to Customer Service.


Absolutely. You can expect world-class customer service from me, and nothing less. I've only had but one issue with print quality spanning well over 20 years that happened @ 2009. There was a slight smudge imperfection on a photographic print. Upon my request, the print lab replaced the flawed print and my client was thrilled.

I do have policies in place for any quality issues or flaws, as well as a detailed returns policy. To read the details, simply click Quality Issues - Defects - Return Policy and scroll down the page.