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You may have some questions before procuring artwork here from my virtual art gallery. Whether its a large scale interior design project, or you're searching for the perfect accent piece or large motif for the home or office.

This page is dedicated to the most commonly asked questions people have about the artwork and media styles. Additionally, I've included important details regarding my business practices, best lighting to illuminate the artworks, custom size options and more. If you don't find the answers to your questions here, I'd be thrilled to take your questions directly. Simply use the Contact form and I'll respond to your questions as soon as I possibly can.

Thom, Do You Have Any Testimonials From Art Buyers?

Sure thing! Simply click here on Testimonials

Which Print Media Options are available for CURATED LUXURY EDITION Prints?

Introducing "LUXURY EDITIONS" – an exclusive collection featuring carefully curated selections of my finest artworks. These exceptional pieces are presented in premium, high-end print media, with sizes beginning at 18" or 24" on the long edge, tailored to the specific media and artwork aspect ratio. Each meticulously chosen Luxury Edition artwork is professionally mounted on archival-quality substrates to ensure lasting quality. Furthermore, every Luxury Edition print comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, complete with a serial number for provenance.

• FujiColor Crystal Archive Pearl Photo Paper - mounted flat on 2mm styrene backing substrate

• Chromaluxe Metal Prints - dye infused using a heat transfer press

• Wood Float Plaqs

• Acrylic Glass Face Mounted Floats

These media formats will always appear by default whenever you click a photo to view. For more details about our print media options click here: THE PRINTS.

What is The Benefit to Buying a pre-mounted Luxury Edition Photo Print?

I do this because I believe in providing great value to my art buyers! It saves you from having to pay for photo frame glass (my mounted prints already come with a clear UV and dust protective laminate) and additional mounting/backing substrates. Photo frame glass is heavy, brittle, and puts a barrier between you and the artwork. These services are notoriously expensive, as much as a 600% markup at the frame shop!

Framed Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl Print Thomas Schoeller Photography

Here's a corner sample of a mounted FujiColor Crystal Pearl photo that I've placed into rustic Omega 2" wide external frame molding. The mounted print is rigid and does not need additional backing or any photo frame glass! It offers a wonderfully economical option for prints 36" and smaller.

I do not add additional markups over my own costs for the Luxury Edition mounting service I provide. So I thought, lets just keep this simple and allow my buyers to focus on just the external frame, or a beautiful linen liner between the print and the frame! Linen liners replace costly picture-frame mat boards.

Is There A Difference Between Your Luxury Editions and your Limited Editions?

Technically speaking, yes. I originally started offering some Limited Edition prints back in 2021. Fewer than 25% of the artworks in my galleries began as numbered Limited Editions.

Having thoroughly evaluated the Limited editions presented as a numbered series, I've chosen to discontinue offering them. In essence, my preference is for individuals to acquire my artwork driven by genuine appreciation, love for the piece, and a meaningful connection, rather than being influenced solely by perceived scarcity or limited availability.

For those who have already purchased Limited Edition pieces, rest assured that these artworks will maintain their Limited Edition status, and I will continue to document their edition sequences. Going forward, my carefully selected pieces, which haven't been sold as Limited Editions previously, will now be available as Luxury Editions. These editions will feature a signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with a corresponding hologram serial number for the artwork. It's important to note that the Luxury Editions will not be recorded in a specific sequence. (ex: 45/100)

Note that all Limited Edition and Luxury Edition artworks can only be ordered online as a professionally MOUNTED print medium.

Are Thomas Schoeller Luxury Edition's Certified?

Once you procure a Schoeller Luxury Edition piece, we'll mail out a custom folder that includes the following information to the new owners.

• Signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) including the title of the artwork, print media and size.

• The Serial # of the piece you procured.

• A matching tamper-proof Serial # tag to affix to the rear of your new artwork once you unpack it.

This is done similarly to how I currently track limited edition artworks, the difference being each Limited Edition artwork is numbered in a sequence. (Ex: 15/100) Since all of my curated Luxury Edition artworks are inclusive of my best work, I do this to provide provenance, and proof that you have purchased an authentic and genuine Thomas Schoeller artwork.

Limited Edition artworks will receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity | This includes a Tamper Proof Hologram

Digital Signatures

Please note that I do not place a digital signature on the facing of the artwork, ever, regardless if its a Limited, Luxury Edition, or an Open edition. When you view my artwork online, I normally place a watermark logo along the bottom of the image. My watermark logos are not included on the image files that I send to the master printer to produce the finished artworks. I prefer not to write on the art print itself, or add any distracting digital signature to the face of the artworks.

You may see other fine art photographers that embed a "digital signature" on the face of the printed artwork. There is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on the artists perspective. Establishing a method for handling this differs from artist to artist. Before modern high-end photographic print medias were around, photographers would sign their paper photo prints on the white border just below the imagery, and would later be hidden from sight behind "old fashioned" mat boards.

Thomas Schoeller tamper-proof hologram serial # tag attached to the reverse side of a Chromaluxe metal print

Here's a photo of a tamper-proof hologram serial number tag attached to the reverse side of a Chromaluxe metal print.

Cost Effective Alternatives for Open Editions | Photo Archives

I created a collection titled "Photo Archives" that is nested towards the bottom of my gallery collections that has a nice assortment of high-quality Open Edition images. Open Editions can be licensed for magazine publications, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, or commercial uses as well as purchasing as fine art prints.

I've added several stylish & luxurious looking, yet economically priced print media options for Open Edition prints that are well suited for wall décor purposes. You always have the option on my website to order Open Editions on any of my premium gallery-quality print media styles as well. Here are the (2) print options I've added for purchasing Open edition prints.

• Fujicolor Crystal Archive Lustre Photo paper comes in a Satin/Lustre reduced glare finish. It is an archival quality print paper that offers brilliant vibrancy a detail, and a favorite top choice photo paper for many professional photographers. Sizes range from 10x15" up to 36x24"

Corner sample Fujicolor Archive Lustre Finish

• Mounted photos on sturdy Gallery Board - come ready to hang immediately, with foam spacers on the back and a hanging system. The edging is a nice dark charcoal gray. They can also be placed into a frame without the added expenses of custom cut mats or protective glass covering. Gallery board mounted prints are very lightweight and provide a nice "bang for the buck". It's a nice option for home décor that won't be moved around frequently. Depending on the image, they may be available up to 60" at the long edge.

Can I Order Triptych Splits from you?

Yes. Triptychs are a custom order option. I can create triptych splits from both of my Acrylic print options. A triptych is when you take a single artwork, and have it split into (3) vertical panels that are identical in size. (see the photo below) They are a really great option for a featured wall space. By splitting the artwork into a (3) pieces and spacing them out, you can span more horizontal space. Depending on your needs and personal taste, it may be more visually appealing than one single large piece.

A piece that begins at 36" wide is the logical starting point for a triptych. I don't make triptychs as an option to purchase directly from my website, so you'll need to contact me by using the contact form in the menu above. Please note, there is some additional costs to produce triptychs. The price is more since three individual pieces are created, instead of the single large print which results in more time to craft, and placing the aluminum hanging components precisely on the reverse side of each piece.

To simplify the actual pricing for an Acrylic triptych, just add 10% to the list price for either of my Acrylic options. We can do both the Standard Acrylic option, or my Gallery Ultra | TruLife ® acrylic prints to create your triptych! If you are interested in a custom triptych display, simply use the Contact form to reach out to me personally. Once you let me know which artwork(s) you are considering, I can create a mockup that looks similar to the photo below. It will accurately depict where the splits will be so you can determine what it will look like before you order.

All triptychs are CUSTOM orders and are not eligible for returns. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for our Returns policies.

Thomas Schoeller Fine Art Photography | Luxury Edition Triptych Wall Art Custom Order Option for Acrylic Prints

How To Place An Order Online

Its really simple. Just click on any artwork you love in the galleries, then scroll down beneath the artwork description. Each media style has its own brief description, and a menu that shows the available sizes and pricing. Payments are safe & secure and are completed via PayPal or Stripe banking methods.

If you are participating in my VIP Customer Loyalty Rewards program with tiered discounts, or ordering in large volume, you'll need to contact me so I can generate a customized invoice.

Large volume orders are normally acquired via certified bank check before we process the order. Since there will be discounts included with volume orders of 4 more more prints, be sure to use the contact form.

Oh, for first time buyers! Don't forget to sign up for our VIP Newsletter List before you order to receive a discount code off your first order..

Do You Offer An Assortment of Online Payment Options?

YES! We provide many options for buyers to procure their new artworks. Including Afterpay! Here is a list of the payment options.

• G-Pay (Google pay)

• PayPal

• Afterpay (no credit check, no interest fees. The buyer pays just 25% up front)

• Affirm

• Cash App Pay

• Klarna

Can I Purchase Digital Image Files From You to Make Prints Myself?

No. I rarely have been asked this question by art buyers, but it does need to be addressed. I am a professional photographer and maintain full control and integrity over the entire print process from the moment an order is placed and when it arrives at its intended destination. My brand and reputation are placed in the hands of the trusted high-end print masters I've selected and approved. Therefore, I cannot allow my printable high resolution image files out of my control for the act of making photo prints.

There is ONE single exception, and that is: Reproduction Agreements for Large Volume Reproductions including hotels, airports, military bases & Health Care Facilities. Repro agreements are normally arranged by Art Consultants and Interior designers who represent buyers that are looking to have a fairly large quantity of images installed at any of the facility examples I mentioned above. In the case of a repro agreement, Limited Edition artworks are generally off limits.


Do to the wide variety and assortment of custom options, I don't currently list any framed display options on my website for immediate purchase. It's always best to choose the framing in person.


Absolutely! They look wonderful framed, and equally stunning displayed without a frame using the float-mount hardware included. Both of these print media styles can easily be placed in an external frame by bringing the artwork to your local framing gallery and choosing the frame style & widths in person.

A One Inch Linen Liner Installed Between the Artwork and External Frame

Here's a corner sample of a framed Chromaluxe Metal piece with a 1" wide linen liner between the external frame and the artwork. If you opt to have your Acrylic or Chromaluxe piece framed, Linen liners are an elegant option to finalize your new piece.

I frequently assist my collectors in helping locate a qualified frame-shop in their region that stocks high-end Italian Roma or Omega frames that compliment both Acrylic glass and Chromaluxe metal prints. To simplify the process, I often ship the artwork directly to the frame gallery, and assist to arrange for the framed print to be delivered and even professionally installed in your home!


This photo was sent from a collector in Phoenix, Arizona that procured this 42" x 84" TruLife® acrylic face-mount of "Gatekeeper". They had the piece framed locally at "The Art Of Framing".

TIP: You can choose to simply have it placed into a frame, or if you love the appearance of a matted print, I'd suggest to have the frame shop use a LINEN LINER installed around the mounted artwork FIRST before installing into the frame. Linen liners are the ultimate picture mat for my mounted pieces! They are designed to securely cradle the artwork, and are not placed over the top. Another benefit of linen liners is they come in attractive earth-toned neutral colors and compliment my style of nature inspired photography perfectly.

Fine Art Italian wood frames by Roma paired with a linen liner beautifully compliment any Schoeller Fine Art Acrylic glass or Chromaluxe metal prints. We are happy to locate a qualified framing gallery in your immediate area that knows Luxury Fine Art Photographic print media

NOTE: My Wood Floater Plaq's are the only mounted print media that is not intended to be framed! They already come with a handsome edge treatment that loves to be displayed for the world to enjoy.


Simply click HERE to view the options. They make great gifts for family and loved ones. You can apply all Gift Certificate amounts offered to ANY artwork available on my website. Gift certificates for fine art prints come in $100.00, $250.00, $500.00, and $1,000.00 increments.

Purchase Gift Certificates for Thomas Schoeller Fine Art prints or TS Photography Classes in CT


If you need a custom print size that I don't have listed here in my galleries, no worries. Feel free to contact me to request custom sizes. I'm able to handle request in 1/2" increments for in-between sizes, even if its a Limited Edition artwork. Click this comprehensive article on Custom Sizes for → More Info


The proper illumination of my large format pieces in your home makes an impactful difference. The richness and vivid colors and details really come to life when combined with the best possible lighting methods. A great solution is if you can install simple track lighting on the ceiling. If you already have a track that accepts low voltage 2-pin socket bulbs, you can purchase SoLux Bulbs which are a terrific solution. As a good rule of thumb, place the light source at a 30 degree angle to the center of the artwork.

lighting solutions track lights

Traditional ceiling mounted track lights using LED or So Lux bulbs work wonderfully

Another great option are ceiling mounted accent lights. Sometimes they are recessed and other applications are surface mounted fixtures. The same method of directing the source at a 30 degree angle works best. The light source should not be harsh, and a 4000K neutral white bulb won't cast a warm or cool color temperature on the artwork.

illuminating art lights for existing recessed can fixtures

A lighting solution by Perfect Art Lights that can illuminate my work using existing ceiling cans. Note the angle.

Otherwise, traditional screw-in track bulbs, or even ceiling mounted recessed lights will accept LED bulbs. With LED's, the artwork can truly be seen and appreciated as it was intended. Its imperative to know and understand that the highest quality light you can directly illuminate your new artwork with makes a significant difference in the impactful nature of the media styles best features. My artwork above, titled LIQUID RAINBOW is illuminated by a ceiling mounted recessed can light with a fixture available through PerfectArtLights.com To read our thorough article on properly illuminating my artworks, please click HERE.


The simple answer is I do not. The art of B&W photography is captivating and classic, however, the average person does not understand that an effective B&W art print begins IN CAMERA during the photo session. A communicable B&W (also known as monochrome) artwork relies on a distinctive level of contrast between light tones and deep black shadows.


I offer FREE "standard delivery" to anywhere in the USA, including Alaska & Hawaii. Artworks delivered to Canada are also shipped "standard delivery" for FREE. *Wood Floater Plaqs are not available for delivery outside of the USA*

If your destination is outside the USA or Canada - please contact me for a delivery quote BEFORE you place your order so I can provide you with the costs of delivery. Orders placed before I have provided you with the delivery costs, or any other taxes or assessments we are responsible to collect will be placed on hold until we can resolve.


Production times vary depending on the print media you choose. The professional labs I have chosen specialize in certain media types, and they tend to be smaller privately owned facilities that lean towards QUALITY not quantity. They'll take a bit longer in some instances than the big commercial print labs out there.

Click here for → More Info


No worries, you're covered - but you must follow the following instructions. Per shipping agent requirements, you'll need to contact me within 36 hours of the artwork arriving at your destination, and take good CLEAR pictures of the damage (including the damage to shipping container) Once it is approved by my print master, a replacement will be sent out at no additional charge. Click here for → More Info


You can expect world-class customer service from me, and nothing less. I've only had but one issue with print quality spanning well over 20 years and 1500+ art prints that happened @ 2009. There was a slight smudge imperfection on a photographic print. Upon my request, the print lab replaced the flawed print and my client was thrilled.

Click here for → MORE INFO


As I stated above in the Quality & Workmanship guarantee, I've sold well north of 1500 + fine art prints over the years to locations on (4) continents. This does not even include calendars, greeting cards, or other print forms. I've yet to have an unhappy buyer, not a single request to get a refund and make a return. Despite that, I do have a Returns Policy in place, and buyers must understand that all fine art prints ordered through this website are CUSTOM made to the order specifications. I don't want unhappy or remorseful buyers. My policy & guidelines have made it clear that the conditions must be on the extraordinary side to be approved for a refund.

Click here for → MORE INFO


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