Fine Art Print Media Styles | Thomas Schoeller Photography


This page is designed to highlight the aspects & details of every print media style I offer. This allows you to compare the unique features and advantages of each style, and how they enhance both the artworks and your space. No matter if you are a serious collector, an art connoisseur, or a first time buyer - You can better make a well informed decision once you become familiar with these stunning media choices. Each print is meticulously handcrafted using the finest museum-grade archival quality materials available. When your ready to acquire that special piece, I'm certain one of my print media options will be perfectly suited to match your personal interior design plan and investment points.

All of the nature and landscape artworks found in my galleries were meant to be displayed as large, jaw-dropping motifs. I've chosen 3 stunning frameless ready-to-hang print media options that are available in an assortment of sizes to fit just about any space. They are Wood Float Plaq's, Aluma-Mount Gallery Floats and Acrylic Glass Gallery Floats. *Acrylic Glass Floats can be upgraded to the UltraHD Premier Edition Series* All of the different print styles and options are clearly outlined on this page as you scroll down.

In addition, I also offer traditional photo prints to collectors for those that prefer to manage the mounting, mat and external framing themselves. I provide FREE delivery to destination in the lower USA 48 states.

45x30" Acrylic Glass Float titled "Old Mill of Weston Vermont"

Each frameless "float" print is shipped with an inset (recessed) floater frame attached on the reverse side of the print. These hanging systems allow you to securely and quickly mount your new piece the moment you unpack them.



The photo print option is the lowest investment point to procuring a beautiful new Fine Art print. It's as simple as it sounds, just a fine art paper print that is not mounted, matted, or placed in a frame. This print media is perfect for those that prefer to handle the mounting, matting and framing in person with their local frame shop where you get to carefully select the colors and styles that best match your personal taste. The turnaround time, from confirmation of your order placement to destination delivery, takes about 10-14 working days on average.

Fuji Crystal Maxima Glossy UltraHD Photo Paper

My go-to paper for Limited Edition photo prints is Fuji Crystal Maxima UltraHD. It provides the ultimate realism in high-end photo prints with crystal clear stunning details. This is a recently conceived high-gloss paper. The UltraHD increases the maximum visual density by an additional 10% while also increasing dynamic range and luminosity.

Fuji Crystal Pearl UltraHD Metallic Shimmer Premier Edition Paper

Some images in my galleries literally scream for an upgrade to Fuji's UltraHD Metallic-Pearl paper! This paper provides additional depth and a distinctive metallic shimmer in the highlights. Sunrise and sunsets are particularly transformed into something unique as the glimmer and luminosity of the scene take on a whole new intensity! If this print paper interest you, please reach out to me for a quote. It has a slightly higher price point than the Crystal Maxima UltraHD photo paper.

Photo Paper Print Sizes

The smallest photo prints start with 24" and go up. I limit maximum sizes on photo prints to 36" at the longest edge. The reason for this is larger sized photo prints, when not properly mounted, tend to warp or buckle shortly after the framing installation. If you desire a larger print, it's best to use my professional print master services and we'll professionally mount the artwork to either our Wood Float Plaq's, Aluma-Mount Gallery Floats or the premium Acrylic Glass Face-Mounted Gallery Floats.

I normally ship all (unmounted) photo prints with a white border for the ease of proper handling of the artwork once you unpackage it. I strongly urge you to use great care when handling loose prints before bringing them to your local framing gallery. It is very possible for me to ship the artwork directly to your framing gallery if needed.


For all LIMITED EDITIONS, I'll mail you a Certificate of Authenticity separately. Enclosed with the "COA" documentation will be a tamper proof hologram Serial Number that should be attached behind the artwork (print) itself, or if your frame gallery intends to dry-mount the artwork permanently to a substrate, it should be attached to the back of the substrate itself.


This is one of my most popular selling mounted print display options. Wood Floater Plaq's, also known as DuraPlaq, deliver when it comes to making a dramatic statement on your walls combined with an equally attractive investment point. This print media style, by comparison to traditional Gallery Canvas Wraps, are FAR superior to the Canvas prints in every conceivable way.

The print papers utilized for Wood Floats is either a satin finish or metallic/pearl. I decide which paper is best suited for the artwork once the order has been placed. The artwork is then top-mounted on a sturdy eco-friendly HDF smooth wood surface substrate. A special crystal clear protective laminate is placed over the photo print surface - protecting the artwork from UV light, dust, smudges and fingerprints.

A beautifully pairing of 24x36" Zion National Park prints mounted on Wood Float Plaqs


Each Wood Floater Plaq comes standard with a reduced glare satin finish.


The plaq's are finished off with a gorgeous visible beveled edge treatment! This saves you from needing to invest further for custom external frames and mats. Each Wood Float Plaq comes with a recessed 3/4" thickness French cleat style floater frame on the reverse side that allows the piece to appear as though it's floating off the wall after it's been installed.


· Easy To Maintain

This unique print media style is easily cared for and cleanable with a soft, slightly dampened cloth.

· Arrives Ready To Hang

Each Wood Floater Plaq is shipped to you ready to hang the moment you unpack it. No external frame or custom mats are necessary, they arrive as intended to be displayed. They are so much higher in quality over Canvas Gallery Wraps that I no longer will ever make Canvas prints available.

Simply click on any artwork and scroll down beneath the image to see the Wood Float Plaq sizes offered.

LIMITED EDITION wood floater plaq's include a Certificate of Authenticity document with a unique serial number I'll be mailing to you separately in a unique folder. Enclosed with the "COA" documentation folder will be a matching tamper proof serial number (adhesive sticker) that you'll need to attach on the back-side of the plaq as soon as possible.


Aluma-mounts provide a breathtaking straightforward frameless & glassless presentation. Since there is no polished acrylic glass included with this media style, they are priced below the Acrylic Glass Gallery Float media option.

They are available to procure in both Open Edition or Limited Editions of 150 prints. They are delivered to your destination ready to hang the moment you remove them from the packaging material. A recessed float-mount hanging system is pre-installed on the reverse side of the artwork making this possible. Once the artwork is installed in place, it appears to magically "float" off the surface of the wall. I describe them to people as a virtual window where you feel as though you could walk right into the scene. This is especially true when selecting a frameless piece. External frames and mats found on older traditional display styles often distract the viewers eyes from the artwork presentation.

Aluma-Mount floats feature high-end fine art UltraHD print technology with a vibrant shimmering almost 3D effect. The prints are mounted directly to an aluminum DiBond 3mm thickness substrate black polyethylene core. A special crystal clear UV protective fine art grade laminate encapsulates the artwork, which provides an added level of security and allows you to properly remove dust and finger print smudges. You can choose from either Glossy or a reduced glare finish - (please be sure to notify me of this choice when you place your order!)


Aluma-Mounts are very lightweight and are presented (displayed) similarly to traditional "Dye-Infused metal prints". However, I've selected the aluma-mount gallery float method over the dye-infused metal print method for many reasons. I always explain to collectors that not all metal prints are created equally, as modern fine art print technology provides far superior image detail, sharpness, color contrast, improved resolution and clarity over dye-infused metal.


· Are easily cleaned using a soft, slightly dampened cloth · Lightweight and totally glass free · UV protective crystal clear laminate provides extended 75+ years of color brilliance · Available in every size I offer · DiBond aluminum and polyethylene core substrate provides robust gallery quality material that does not warp · Attractively priced below Acrylic Glass Gallery Floats since glass is not included · Choose from either High Gloss or Reduced Glare Finish


For all LIMITED EDITION Aluma mounts, I'll be mailing you a Certificate of Authenticity separately. Enclosed with the "COA" documentation in an envelope will be a tamper proof hologram Serial Number. Carefully remove the paper from the adhesive backing, and attach it behind the artwork in either the lower left or right corner.

Please note that large print sizes of 45" and up require a hand crafted crate supplied by the print master for safe transport.

Aluma-Mount Gallery Floats come with a recessed hanging system at no extra cost


The Acrylic Glass Gallery Floats are the pinnacle of Fine Art image quality and modern print technology. They represent the highest standard of excellence for the photographic fine art industry. When displayed with proper lighting, they are truly a sight to behold. The acrylic glass used in this style of media showcase print clarity, vibrancy, extreme detail, and a dimension of depth that no other print media can achieve. Traditional glass (used for framed prints) does not come close to the unique light refraction properties that are native to acrylic glass.

All of the images available in my website galleries are available to own as an acrylic glass gallery float. Since @ 2016, Acrylic prints make up nearly 45% of all pieces procured online, making them the singular most popular sold print media.

I offer (2) levels of Acrylic Glass floats. The Museum Standard, and a Premier Edition - Gallery Ultra | Lumachrome + Tru Life® Acrylic print. Both the Museum Standard and Premier editions are paired with shatterproof 2mm thickness glass and a sturdy aluminum Dibond backing substrate. In addition, you can select from the Standard or Premier series for any Limited Edition of 150 or Open Edition prints in any sizes offered sitewide.

60x40" Acrylic glass gallery float - artwork titled "Risen"

Starting with the Museum Standard Edition - each print is created by a master printer, applying modern state-of-the-art technology and development to ensure flawless results. The process for the Museum Standard acrylics begins by face-mounting Fuji Crystal DP II or Lexjet Sunset Metallic high-end photo papers behind specially developed UF4 95% UV Acrylic 2mm acrylic glass. Not only is acrylic glass shatter proof, it is temperature resistant, and it provides an additional layer of UV protection. The mounted glass is then backed by a sturdy 3mm thickness DiBond aluminum substrate backing material. The artwork is fully and permanently encapsulated from environmental and airborne elements.

The option to upgrade a Museum Standard Edition with reduced glare 99% UV TruLife® acrylic glass is available. Please use the contact form to get a quote.

All Acrylic glass options on my website are shipped to you frameless, and ready-to-hang the moment you unpack them. On the reverse side of each piece we will install recessed float-mount hardware. Depending on the size of the artwork, the recessed floater frame will either be aluminum rails or a sturdy composite material. When the artwork is installed, it will appear to magically "float" from the wall. The contemporary frameless style artworks are a virtual window to the great outdoors.


For all LIMITED EDITION Acrylic face-mount prints, I'll be mailing you a Certificate of Authenticity separately. Enclosed with the "COA" documentation in an envelope will be a tamper proof hologram Serial Number. Carefully remove the paper from the adhesive backing, and attach it behind the artwork in either the lower left or right corner.

DELIVERY is FREE to all lower 48 state USA destination.


These are the crème-de-la crème of the Acrylic glass print media display options. This takes the viewing experience a notch higher than my Museum Standard acrylic face-mounted prints. The process for the Premier Edition begins by face-mounting Lumachrome Archival prints behind crystal clear 1/8" Tru Life® acrylic glass. It is then backed with a 3mm thickness DiBond substrate. A heavy-duty Roma rear floating frame is attached to the back side.

Details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the image with the Lumachrome process thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with iridium particles and is encapsulated in a layer suspended between the white poly surface and Acrylic. The visual quality of the Lumachrome archival prints are unrivaled, separating the Premier Edition - Gallery Ultra from the rest of the pack. If illuminating the artwork with proper LED lighting specific for artwork, you will enjoy a radiance and ambience that no other print media can achieve.

The low glare Tru Life® acrylic glass offers the absolute finest viewing experience. Not only does it offer 99% UV protection, it also reduces distracting glare caused side light. You can achieve a lower price point by ordering a Lumachrome acrylic with the optional UF4 95% UV Acrylic glass (same used with the Museum Grade Edition) Please CONTACT us for a quote.

Artwork titled "Crawl Space" as an Acrylic face-mount museum float 24 x 36"

The Premier Edition Gallery Ultra | Lumachrome Tru Life® Acrylic provide the most value, the highest quality and most impressive visual impact available of any print media available. This is clearly for collectors that require the most luxurious, exquisite fine art experience available.


Here's a quick analysis of my Acrylic prints and their primary differences. Both are backed by sturdy a DiBond aluminum substrate.

The Museum Standard Edition features · 2mm (1/8") UF4 95% UV acrylic glass · Fuji Crystal DP II or Lexjet Sunset Metallic high-end photo papers (I decide what paper works best for the artwork) · Aluminum rail french cleat hanging system

The PREMIER EDITION - GALLERY ULTRA edition features · crystal clear 2mm (1/8") TruLife® reduced glare - 99% UV protection acrylic glass · world famous Lumachrome process (the worlds finest engineered transparency layered photo paper) · heavy-duty Roma rear floating frame


For all LIMITED EDITION of 150 Acrylic face-mount prints, I'll be mailing you a Certificate of Authenticity separately. Enclosed with the "COA" documentation in an envelope will be a tamper proof hologram Serial Number. Carefully remove the paper from the adhesive backing, and attach it behind the artwork in either the lower left or right corner.

Certificates of Authenticity come with ALL Limited Edition artworks and every media style we've described here

CRATING FEES Please note for large print sizes 45" and wider, and for mounted print quantity orders over 3 pieces - there may be a fee for specially fabricated crates required to protect the pieces. Crating fee's for multiple mounted prints apply to all destinations. To obtain a S/H estimate, please provide your destination address and the order details by using the CONTACT page.