VIP Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

My fine art photography business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, to the point where I'm taking orders for large prints on a regular basis. With a little bit of luck - and a lotta hard work, I've established a reputable art business through my online gallery. This has been accomplished without any representation by what are known as traditional "commercial" art galleries, and allowing collectors to purchase directly through the artist. Brick & mortar art galleries are known to inflate price points by 40-50%. I couldn't imagine having to double my pricing to absorb the commissions. Is it any wonder why such a vast amount of commercial art galleries have faded away so quickly?

Luxurious high-end Utah Fine Art Photography Prints | An Epic Battle Between Light & Dark at Bryce Canyon National Park

LUXURY EDITION - The epic battle between darkness and light plays out at Bryce Canyon National Park. I captured this fleeting moment as a shaft of sunlight illuminated a towering cluster of hoodoo's.

By procuring directly through myself (the artist) you are not subject to sales commissions or gallery salespersons, and I'm able to price my works so more than just the most affluent and wealthiest of people can own them. High quality gallery-grade craftsmanship priced at a great value, how can you beat that? I am so eternally grateful to all of those that have ordered directly, placing their faith in me as an artist to provide beautiful artworks for their walls for well over a full decade. Especially the collectors and art lovers that have returned to add to their growing collection and procure additional pieces.

Here are my personal thoughts. Clients that have purchased fine art directly from me in the past deserve to be rewarded when they return to procure additional artworks, or if a first-time buyer decides to order multiple prints. With that in mind, I have created a VIP Tiered Loyalty Rewards Program. It's a program that rewards my most loyal repeat art buyers as they continue to add new works from my online collections over time. I will further explain the details of my VIP Tiered Loyalty Rewards Program below.

If you purchased an artwork from me in the past, and your cart total has exceeded $250.00, you are eligible for the Rewards Program.

Mt Rainier National Park Fine Art Prints | Blooming Wildflower Meadow on the Edge of the Forest near Tipsoo Lake

Luxury Edition - A blooming wildflower meadow burst with energetic vibrancy as a luminous mist engulfs the towering Hemlock and Fir trees near Tipsoo Lake bringing in a mysterious mood

How The Program Works

It starts after you acquire your very first print, which generally is not discounted. You can place your first print order right here on my website, through our safe checkout process. If you wish to order more than one print on your first order, please use the CONTACT form to let me know BEFORE you place your order! I'll be more than happy to provide you with a Savings Code. You'll be eligible to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Savings immediately if the cart total will exceed $250.00 before the 10% Ruby Reward is applied.


Since the website cannot auto-generate or track your Collector status on its own, we could either email an invoice directly to you with the rewards savings -- or -- I'll generate an incentive CODE - specific to you (the collector) and you can simply apply the savings code at checkout.


RUBY Collector Status • Purchase one or more prints up to $250.00 cart total, and you'll achieve RUBY collector status. This entitles you to save 10% on either a second print order, or the next time you place an order. All you need to do is Contact Me directly and I'll send you a private CODE specific to YOU to apply at checkout!

EMERALD Collector Status • Your 3rd & 4th print orders -- entitles you to save 15% off regular retail pricing. It can be any print media or style we offer. Again, simply Contact Me and I'll email you a private CODE to use at checkout!

DIAMOND Collector Status • Your 5th print, and any consecutive prints you order from this point on. This is the highest level achievable -- and entitles you to save 20% off my regular retail pricing. To obtain your 20% savings, use the Contact form to reach out to me personally. I can either Invoice you via email, or send you a private Code specific to you to use at checkout!


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