VIP Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Over the past decade, my luxury fine art photography enterprise has experienced remarkable growth, fulfilling orders for large prints on a consistent basis. Through a blend of perseverance and dedication, I've successfully cultivated a reputable art business primarily through my online gallery, and my mobile gallery when attending Fine Art Fairs in person. Notably, this achievement has been realized without the conventional support of "commercial" art galleries, allowing art enthusiasts to directly acquire pieces from the artist. Unlike brick-and-mortar galleries notorious for inflating prices by 40-50%, I have steered clear of such practices, sparing my clients from unnecessary costs. The decision to avoid doubling my pricing to accommodate commissions has proven pivotal, shedding light on the challenges faced by numerous commercial art galleries that have rapidly faded away.

Luxurious high-end Utah Fine Art Photography Prints | An Epic Battle Between Light & Dark at Bryce Canyon National Park

LUXURY EDITION - The epic battle between darkness and light plays out at Bryce Canyon National Park. I captured this fleeting moment as a shaft of sunlight illuminated a towering cluster of hoodoo's.

Acquiring exquisite fine art directly from myself, ensures that you bypass sales commissions and gallery intermediaries. This allows me to offer my meticulously crafted works at a value accessible to a broader audience. The absence of inflated costs associated with traditional sales channels enables me to price my high-quality gallery-grade pieces more affordably. In turn, making them attainable for a diverse range of art enthusiasts.

This commitment to providing unparalleled craftsmanship at a great value has garnered the trust and appreciation of collectors who have chosen to acquire my artworks directly. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who have not only initiated their art collection journey with me - but have also returned to enhance and expand their cherished collection of imagery. Your continued support fuels my passion for creating beautiful artworks that grace your walls.

shimmering rapids and soft glowing light off sandstone cliffs deep within the virgin river narrows at Imlay Rock | Utah Luxury Art Edition Prints

LUXURY EDITION PRINTS - Canyon's meet up where the Virgin River Narrows and Imlay Canyon split near the Imlay Canyon Boulder

In recognition of the valued clients who have previously invested in fine art directly from my collection, I believe in expressing gratitude by offering a generous reward for their continued support. Whether returning clients seek to enhance their existing collection, or a first-time buyer deciding to acquire multiple prints. I've introduced a VIP Loyalty Rewards Program to acknowledge and appreciate the loyalty of those who consistently choose to add new artworks from my online collections over time. The subsequent paragraphs will delve into the specifics of the VIP Loyalty Rewards Program, highlighting the exclusive benefits awaiting my most devoted returning art enthusiasts.

If you missed - or clicked off the pop-up form for the VIP Newsletter list already, you can just click here to go back and sign up. When you opt in, we'll instantly email you a special savings code. Simply apply it during checkout to save yourself an instant 15% off your entire first order. If you acquire prints from me and miss this savings opportunity when placing your FIRST order, you are not eligible for partial refunds.

Mt Rainier National Park Fine Art Prints | Blooming Wildflower Meadow on the Edge of the Forest near Tipsoo Lake

Luxury Edition - A blooming wildflower meadow burst with energetic vibrancy as a luminous mist engulfs the towering Hemlock and Fir trees near Tipsoo Lake bringing in a mysterious mood


The VIP Loyalty Program commences following your initial art prints acquisition of $2,500.00 or more, which typically is not subject to discounts. To place your first print order securely, simply navigate to the photographic galleries & collections - and utilize our safe checkout process when you find a piece you connect with. Notably, for those who proactively subscribed to the VIP Newsletter - and availed the 15% savings code offer during checkout, your entire first print order will be discounted.

When a loyal client returns for their next art print acquisition, they are now entitled to receive a permanent 20% VIP discount.

Rocky Mountain National Park Fine Art Photography | Breathtaking Sunrise from Emerald Lake Panoramic Prints for sale

Luxury Edition - A brilliant sunrise illuminates the towering vertical cliffs of Hallett's Peak and Flattop Mountain, as viewed from the east shore of Emerald lake


Given that the website lacks the capability to automatically generate or monitor your Collector status, it is imperative, especially for those who have previously invested $2500.00 or more, to proactively reach out before placing another order for my opulent fine art photography prints. This ensures that you can fully capitalize on the 20% VIP savings program. Purchase options include receiving an emailed invoice directly, complete with rewards savings, or alternatively, I can create a personalized incentive CODE exclusive to you as a valued collector. The ease of applying this savings code at checkout underscores the significance of proactive communication to enhance your overall experience.


I'm now introducing a streamlined and simplified VIP Loyalty Program, as I've done away with the intricate tiered structure to make it more accessible and transparent for returning collectors and art enthusiasts. No longer dealing with separate collector statuses, you can enjoy the following benefit. Once you've invested a cumulative total of $2,500.00, coming after your initial purchase, you qualify for the highest and permanent reward level of 20%.

To take advantage of this exclusive 20% savings, simply reach out to me through the Contact form. I will promptly provide you with a personalized code, or an emailed invoice, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience as you add to your fine art collection. This simplified approach eliminates confusion and emphasizes the immediate and significant benefits of your ongoing commitment to my exquisite fine art photography.


We understand that some clients may wish to make a significant investment in art prints right from the start. If so, you may qualify for an exclusive large order bonus. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions. To ensure you can take advantage of this, you must use the contact form to proactively reach out to me first - to be sure you are eligible for the 20% savings. Generally, for the initial $2500.00 of any large first-time order, the 15% VIP Newsletter discount will be applied. The investment amount above and beyond the initial $2500.00 will be eligible for the 20% savings.

Autumn Larch Foliage in the Seeley-Swan Valley Montana | Sunrise at Rainy Lake Fine Art Prints

Luxury Edition - The autumn and winter seasons clash in western Montana as the brilliant orange and yellow Larch trees stand out against the snow covered Swan Range viewed from Rainy lake.

TESTIMONIAL - The Newest Piece Arrived, and it's at the framing gallery! (3 prints ordered within 24 months)

Hey Thom - great piece! I'm very happy. If I were wealthy, I'd acquire a brand new artwork each month. I want to say you provide outstanding customer service and communication! I am very happy to be a reference and provide testimonial for you. And I'll be back for more, this year for certain. We're building a new home in New Hampshire, and will need some more of your work on all of the empty walls!

Brent Moyers ~ June/21 - June/22 - Oct/22 - Jan/23

48x24" Flaming Aspens on DuraPlaq Wood Floater, 36x24" Blazing Autumn Renditions on Luxury Mounted Print, 30x20" Autumn's Splendor as Gallery Board Mounted print.


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