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Print Sizes and Aspect Ratios


Standard Aspect Ratios 

The majority of the artworks within my collections are available to purchase in 3:2 aspect ratios. For example, my most common size is 30 x 20". The long edge is 30", and the short side defaults to 20". 3:2 is the most popular aspect ratio and is native to modern-day professional camera equipment. About 85% of my images are 3:2 aspect ratio. Some are vertical compositions, while others are horizontally composed.

The sizes listed here are the most common and preferred. However, I do offer Custom Size Pricing By Request. I explain that a bit further as you scroll down. Here's the list of the most common & traditional 3:2 sizes I offer. 18x12" • 24x16" • 30x20" • 36x24" • 45x30" • 54x36" • 60x40" and 66x44".  Smaller print sizes such as 12 x 8" and 15 x 10" are not shown on my website, but CAN be special ordered as photographic prints (print only)


traditional 3:2 aspect ratio prints by Thom Schoeller Photography

The print titled Towers Of The Virgin  above is a traditional 3:2 ratio piece


The next most common aspect ratio I offer is wide panoramic 2:1 aspect ratios. Just as it sounds, the long edge of the print will be double the short side. I go into greater detail about wide panorama prints below. The 2:1 are quite popular, especially when installed over a long bench or sofa table placed close to a wall, or over a wide headboard.  Again, I make the most preferred sizes available for purchase. However, I do accept requests for custom sizes by phone or email.  Here's the list of traditional 2:1 offerings.  24x12" - 30x15" - 36x18" - 40x20" - 48x24" - 54x27" and 60x30".  


wide format 2:1 aspect ratio thomas schoeller fine art prints

The Print titled Lily Pond Impressions  above is a wide 2:1 aspect ratio piece


Lastly, I do have a few pieces that are available in 1:1 Square Format. On occasion, when composing a scene my instincts tell me "this shot would really be impressive as a square print". I don't crop them in photoshop, I simply change the format in my camera body. This way I get the perfect composition when I make the image, and do not lose precious details or pixels. Square Format in most media options is limited in size and available up to 45" depending on the artwork. Sizes begin at 16x16" incrementing to 20x20" • 24x24" • 30x30" • 36x36" • 40x40" and 45x45". 


Roaring Brook - Sunderland Vermont Fine Art Nature print by Thomas Schoeller - square format prints

The piece above titled ROARING BROOK AUTUMN  is a square format 


Virtual Reality - You Can Pre Visualize My Art On Your Walls LIVE - I Have The Solution!

Virtual reality, also known as augmented reality, is a really cool tool that allows you to "live view" any images available here on my website simply by using your device. It superimposes my works on ANY wall in your home or office. Virtual reality is pre-installed on my website and free for you to use anytime, anywhere. All you need is an iPhone, Galaxy, or iPad, and use either Chrome or Apple's Safari as a browser. Nothing to download, no apps to purchase. It takes all of the guesswork out of selecting the optimum size for your space and making your interior design visions come to life. Here's a brief Virtual Reality (AR) article for you to read.  


Custom Sizes Available by Request

It bears repeating, I list the "most preferred common sizes" on my art website for a good reason. Too many choices are overwhelming. That's why I offer custom sizes by request to buyers if you have a unique situation.  Here's a scenario. Let's say you are measuring for an install someplace like over a headboard or fireplace mantle -- and the standard sizes I make available are not quite perfect.  You conclude that at 48" the print is not wide enough, but 54" is just too darn big and won't fit perfectly for your space. Your measurements show 52" would fit perfectly. I'd be happy to provide a quote to you for a custom size that falls in-between any of my listed sizes in either of the (3) aspect ratios above. I'll list the requirements below to get started.


⇒  You provide me with the most critical edge length (height or width) to fit your space. 

⇒  The print must maintain the Original Aspect Ratio • No cropping • I will figure out the default size. ex: if you need a 52" wide 2:1 aspect ratio piece, the default size will be exactly 26".  

⇒  Custom sizes are available in round numbers only • No fractions.

⇒  Provide me with the exact artwork (titles) you are inquiring about.  

To place a request for a custom size, please use the CONTACT FORM or email me directly - Thom@ThomasSchoeller.Photography.  There is a flat-rate fee of $30.00 that's added for ordering custom sizes. Oversized prints larger than 60" may require additional freight. I will get back to you within 24 hours or sooner with a quote. If you accept the quote and wish to move forward, I will send you an invoice by email for payment.  Customized options -- such as custom sizes, triptychs, and slim mount floater frames are not available through the normal checkout procedure on the website. 

Larger 2:1 ratio Panorama Sizes - I might have a few 2:1 wide panoramas where I mention in the description I can go wider than 60". Usually between 66" and up to 84". If you are possibly interested in a larger piece, feel free to reach out to me. I will examine the image file to determine the maximum printable sizes and provide you with a quote. *Please Note* Sizes beyond the traditional 60" width may require additional crating costs.


Wide 3:1 aspect panorama fine art nature photography prints - Thomas Schoeller Photography

Titled "Kleinschmidt Flats Homestead" wide panorama displayed at 72 x 24"


The Science Behind Ultra-Wide Panorama Prints

I don't offer many ultra-wide 3:1 ratio prints. Default heights are unusually narrow, so a 54" wide piece is only 18" high. Another reason is they are not as popular as you might think with collectors, and here's why. As humans, we are subconsciously programmed to view scenes in a scan pattern. Your eyes scan the print, and by nature seek balance. With a keen eye for rhythm and symmetry, I purposefully compose scenes that are well-balanced. I apply what's called the Golden ratio. For ultra-wide panoramic prints, I use a modified version called the Phi-grid that places specific aspects at pleasing locations. There is a delicate tipping point when determining if a wide print looks aesthetically pleasing. The wider you go with some artworks, the human eye tends to lose interest. 

I'm in the process of making some 3:1 aspect ratio prints available. They will be "Special Limited Edition" in limited numbers, and only available in the Acrylic face-mount media option. The sizes will begin at 54 x 18". Then will increase to 60 x 20", 72 x 24", 84 x 28" and 96 x 32" depending on the image.


Triptych Wall Clusters 

I'm also able to do this for you by custom order request. I don't list this as a standard print option on my website. The minimum size I will work with is 48" wide. 

Contemporary custom triptych wall clusters by Thomas Schoeller Photography

The piece titled "Dream Weaver" as a custom Triptych wall cluster above.







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