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Connecticut Portrait Photography - Family - Engagement - Branding



Portraits For All Occasions 

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My specialty is outdoor portraits using flattering natural light. Beautiful natural light, when available, is truly amazing. By contrast, indoor studio portraits can appear a bit stuffy and overly staged. Strobes and studio speed lights without the presence of natural light often generate light that looks manufactured. It's my style to add off-camera speed lights as "catch-light" when needed for beautiful creative results.

I prefer to offer clients the opportunity to have their portraits photographed in a setting they feel most comfortable in or a strong connection to. I am fortunate to reside in Connecticut's beautiful Litchfield Hills region and amazing natural beauty and scenic settings are abundant!  I have several wonderful locations in my general location I can recommend to you if needed. I'm based in New Milford Connecticut, however, I have photographed intimate weddings, events, and Engagement sessions throughout New England. I never charge for travel within a 25-mile radius of New Milford.

If you have a really great location in mind to suggest, be sure to let me know. I prefer to scope the location for the best lighting. If we decide to move forward, please make sure permissions are in place if required to do so. The clients are required to obtain these permissions in writing if photography is normally not permitted on the premise.    


Portraits by Thom I Engagement photo sessions



Carol and I don't believe a portrait session or engagement shoot is a one size fits all ordeal! You are unique, your family portrait is special and your intimate event is extremely important to you as it should be for us. For the bride to be, we understand and recognize if you want joyful, genuine portraits of yourself and her new groom that you need more than just a few pretty pictures. You need a wonderful experience. The first step is determining if we are the perfect fit for you.  We'll begin by getting to know you online through email, and then proceed to meet up in person before setting a date for your engagement shoot. 

By Step 2, we are now friends, and let's make sure your date is safe and secure so we can make this a reality. We'll go over the location if travel time is necessary and figure out a package and pay your deposit. Step 3, on the big day of your engagement shoot, no worries we got this! We'll teach you everything, in fact, we thrive at making you feel comfortable and confident. Before we begin shooting, we'll spend at least 15-20 minutes with you. We have dozens of creative poses for couples. I need to know stuff like what's your best side to photograph, is there anything I should be aware of? We don't want you feeling self-conscious about anything!  Repeat after me, Comfort and Confidence!  After the first 20 minutes, you guys will be killing it I promise. You know, I always get compliments on my imagery, I'm a master photographer. What really makes us both feel great is when people tell us how great and confident we made them feel during the photo shoot.    

Portraits by Thom Couples engagement photo sessions


Engagement Portraits Start at $795.00 for 2.5 hours

Photographers often get asked by newly engaged couples "are couples portraits really different than engagement portraits?"  The short answer is from the photographers perspective is there's not really too much difference in the shoots themselves, however, there are lot's more details involved in the shoot since we are leading up to such a special day! The biggest difference is one thing, and I think you just guessed it. The RING! For engagement shoots, photographers incorporate several pose options that involve the ring and that is a crucial factor to include in your photos. Also, we'll be taking a lot more images of you and processing them afterward so they require a bit more work in that respect. In addition, it's pretty common to hop around to several locations for a change of scenery and wardrobe.

I highly encourage you to bring props! We see so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest for engagement shots like picture frames, signs, chalkboards for sayings. The ideas are limitless. Before we begin shooting, as I mentioned above, we'll start off slowly so we can get to know each other. We'll also prepare you before the shoot begins and Carol and I will go over a brief posing tutorial with you. There are about 4 "core poses" we work from. As we progress, we'll get into more unique poses. 

Most importantly, above and beyond everything else we want you to feel comfortable and confident. For a dude, I'm a very personable kinda guy with an upbeat attitude and I'm extremely passionate about my work. My wife has over 30 years of working with the public in the beauty and personal care industry as well as an Ordained Minister and Reiki Master. Engagement shoots are very important and we promise you'll see that within the first 15 minutes we meet!  

During the session, I'll be continuously shooting! The real magic happens during those moments between poses. I enjoy those moments and work hard to capture the essence and energy between the engaged couple. Candid moments are just so rewarding to capture!  After the session, I'll be hard at work processing as many of the very best images possible from our day together. I take at least 400 image files (minimum) from all the poses and places we shoot at, and by the time I sort through them all and toss the blinkies and slightly blurry images, about 10% of them are WOW good enough to process. These shots (30-40 small jpegs) are the ones that you'll get via an email from me to pick your favorites from. The goal is to promise you 10 of your favorite high-resolution digital images that are included in the fee for the shoot. If there are more high-resolution images that you would like to keep, you may purchase the image files for $50.00 each.

If you desire to be assured to have more high-resolution images that's never a problem! We just need to be certain we schedule a long enough photo-shoot in advance.  








The Customized Portrait

$595.00 - starting from 2 hours +

Ideal for young adults or teens, guys, and girls, however not limited to this age group by no means!  Have you ever dreamed of being photographed like a model, somewhere really cool on-location, and bringing along wardrobe and accessories? Let's hook up. Be truthful. Your friend's iPhone pics and selfies don't do you justice! Trust me, you are worth it. If you would really enjoy having photos you can cherish far beyond the scope of your Instagram stream, this is for you. I'd love the opportunity to take your best possible portraits and show the world the real YOU. 

These sessions can run over the 2 hours when you take into account wardrobe swaps and accessories.  If you have a friend or family member that can assist you with carrying items you may want to use you are encouraged to bring them!  Also, if you have your own hairstylist to prep you for a new look between poses, ask them to join you. The pricing for a customized portrait session up to 2 hours is $595.00 + tax. If we run over the allotted time, we can continue the session at a reduced rate for $180.00 per hour since we are already on location and set up.  

Included with this package, you get to choose your 8 favorite high-resolution images from the session. I will edit and process the very best images and email you small jpegs to choose from.  If there are other shots from the session you would like to obtain, these additional digital photos cost $50.00 + tax each.  Travel Fees (read below) are applicable beyond a 25-mile radius of my location.  

The Family Portrait

$395.00 - up to 90 Minutes  

Collect memories, not things!  There is no better time than now to start making precious moments and preserving them for a lifetime. This is ideal for couples and families alike! The location can be a favorite place, or anyplace you feel comfortable doing so. Clothing choices are a personal decision, we'll go over suggestions beforehand. If younger children are part of a family portrait session, parents are advised from the start that there is no way that I can guarantee a specific number of portrait photos in the allotted time. You may consider using a 90 minute Family Portrait option to photograph your children (aged 2-8) separately from a full family session. This is quite popular and allows parents more freedom to focus on the younger kids. 

The price for a 90-minute family/couples session cost $395.00 + tax. This includes the on-location photoshoot within a 25-mile radius of New Milford and photo editing (post-processing) I'll likely make at least 400 image files during our session, and process the very best images to email as small jpegs for you to decide from. You get to choose from your favorite 5 high-quality jpeg image files included in the package. Additional digital images cost $50.00 ea. + tax. I have several gallery-quality print partners that provide my frameless fine art print formats for my Luxury Nature Photography Imagery. I would be thrilled to sit down and go over options to decide what print formats are best suited for your needs.   

Disclaimer: The number of total images delivered as downloadable jpeg files is all based on the amount of continuous time I get to make photographs for Portrait sessions. Disruptions beyond my control are all variables. i.e. Outfit changes, physical location, the kiddo's becoming impatient are all typical instances.  

Branding - Headshots for Business

$195.00 - Up to 30 minutes

Business style headshots are quite unique in the world of portraiture. We call it Branding. For these, I generally compose from the chest up or 3/4 body length and capture you making direct eye contact. It's best to showcase your unique personality or aura you want to give off. If you're a Realtor or work as an Investor, that's a completely different look than how I would try and capture a freelance artist. Before we begin shooting, I'll provide a free 15-minute consultation to get to know you and get a feel for you.

The price for a 30-minute session is $195.00 + tax. not including travel beyond 25 miles. It includes the photoshoot, touch up, image editing, and (3) processed digital images. If you decide you like more than the 3 images, they cost $50.00 ea. + tax.    

 Intimate Weddings And Events

Weddings Start at $1850.00 

I am able to provide my professional services to shoot smaller venues, intimate Weddings, and also Engagement Portraits. I've traveled to Vermont and New Hampshire from my Connecticut residence to do so. I am uniquely set up to capture outdoor events in beautiful country settings using beautiful natural light. Intimate venues may be an elopement or a simple gathering of friends and family up to 40-50 guests. Many couples may place a high value on a more intimate wedding ceremony. In fact, intimate wedding events are trendy and becoming quite popular.

I prefer to be upfront with you and tell you I don't work with second and third shooters that are required for larger ceremonies and receptions. Larger, more elaborate affairs involve lot's more planning and coordination between the wedding planner and everyone involved. Smaller venues are less stressful and fit my easy-going nature much better.


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